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Discussion in 'New York' started by oo7, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Thankyou billy. Thats my point. Business is business.
    You want to keep a client , you better offer him something special.
    This is a pay per service industry.
    I dont want dinner, and I dont want freindship, I want hard core fucking and sucking at the right price.
    Business is Business. Keep it cheapand keep it worth wild and Ill keep comeing back for more.

    Two of my favorite LI girls, who I frequent more than Id care to admit, have lowered my fees and have shown me new areas of pleasure I didnt know they offered.(of course they tell me Im the only one, but Im not that stupid.)
    People will do what they have to do, but bending over backwards(no pun intended) to keep a top client, is what its all about.
    Thats my thoughts on this. Im sorry, the Xanax is kicking in and Im about to pass out.

    Nothing you post billy offends me, I really enjoy your harsh insight on this hobby. We view it totally different. Best of luck to you in your hobbying endeavors.
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  2. Bill Furniture

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    It would be cool if they made them wide enough to fit chicken.
  3. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Are you giving out toasters now?!?!?!?

    I hope they are wide enough for bagels.
  4. mercydancer


    sometimes it's not a matter of discounts, but customer appreciation.
    While my fee for guys on this board has always been set on a specific amount, clients from the outside have always paid more. And clients that are regulars usually get extra time or extra goodies.
    Sort of like getting a toaster at the
  5. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I've never seen any provider more than three times, so there goes my chance.:(
  6. TuckernotSucker


    I prefer extended time, perhaps dinner or lunch off the clock. But, like Casper want to keep it at arms length and pay when sex is involved. It does get better if you see a girl regularly. One of my ATF's just came out of retirement for a select few of her old friends. So, dinner and drinks are alot of fun and the desert is the expensive part of the meal.
  7. billyS


  8. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I wont see a girl if she doesnt offer me a discount for extended hours after Ive seen her a couple of times.
    Good clients should always receive a slight discount.
    Why the fuck not!
  9. sean960


    Extended Hours

    I've never received (or asked) for a discount,but I have had a girl tell me "not to rush out of here" after the hour was over.Informing me that she was free (no appointments)for an extra hour and been invited to play in the shower at no charge..To me thats better then a discount...
  10. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    I have recently met a provider who started at 300... but after the session we discussed about a regular basis... we agreed to the following...

    first visit.. $$$ second visit $$.5... third and every one after $$

    She provides all the acronyms and is pretty well reviewed on this board.... though she goes by a new name and is on AOL...

    John J
  11. RoyalWulff



    Could you give us some contact info on this provider, and a review.

  12. oo7



    She's exactly where you said she'd be. Right off the LIE, Utopia pkwy exit. Very unrushed hour, in fact I probably went over an hour. 2 cups of coffee were enjoyed. She works in the city Tues -Thurs and is usually pretty sore by Friday, so I would avoid her until at least Sat. Apartment was kind of a mess though.
  13. reloguru


    007 - queens?

    Hey how was the session in queens? How's the location?? I saw her last week. I was her first appointment when she arrived in Manhattan. She's great.
  14. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    An attempt to avoid a repetitive controversy

    1 - Before I draw flak again, let me be among the first to point out that the experience and relationship you describe are extraordinarly rare, so much so that it is unlikely that anyone who reads UG will ever encounter anything similar in their lifetimes. Moreover, there is a good chance that the whole situation will end up hurting you badly in some way and that you are unwise to even imagine otherwise.

    2 - Exactly. Personally I have made connections which resemble the one you describe with providers a few times in my roughly 3 decades of hobbying. They have been by far the best part of the hobby for me and have enriched my life greatly. Go for it is my advice and the best of luck to you...and to getting something out of life that a lot of people do not even regard as a possibility.


    PS - Anyone who feels that my two points contradict each other should feel free to pick one of them and ignore the other, which is what I do.
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  15. oo7



    Hey Reloguru, if she had a smile on her face we definitely saw they same provider. You must have seen her right after she saw me. LOL.

    Hey Reloguru, do you have the other half of this Medallion?

    By the way I visited her today in Queens.
  16. Samanthofny


    Discounts for regulars? Sounds good but what I personally prefer doing is offering a $50 discount for someone seeing me for an hour. The vasr majority of my sessions happen to be for 2 hours anyway, I like to take my time about hings, not to mention they usually last much longer tha the alloted time anyway.

    Aslo what I do is if a client requires an incall and I dont have one readily available, if he books 2 hours I'll include the rate of the room in with my rate this way it's not an additional out of pocket expense. If you wanted to put my rate structure in dollars and cents then I guess it would be 3 for the first hr and 259 each additional hour, so the more time you spend the greater the savings. I also readjusted my overnight rate which will make some happier than previously.
  17. reloguru


    Re: Discounts

    I saw the same girl last week ---

    Earlier she said that she does things for her "regulars" that she normally doesn't do for a new client. I then asked if it would be the same rate and she dropped her rate to $$. I was just wondering if this ever happened to anyone else? [/B][/QUOTE]

    She offered me the same rate...Was she on 57th/Lex? Did she offer to see you at her place in Utopia Queens? Funny......
  18. Casper


    Well since she's not living in the same state as you that changes things. I'd still not give out too much personal info. Remember you have much to loose and is she suddenly gets a bug up her ass she'll use the info to get out of you what she needs.

    I don't have horrific first hand experience but it's cause I don't put myself in the position to get f'd over.

    Here's my point: Position yourself to win. As in most relationships, they eventually go sour. I was a Boy Scout so I'm in the Be Prepared Mode most of the time.
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  19. MJC185


    "C (not passing judgement, just stating personal preferance)"

    I understood the message Casper, and was just wondering if you had any first or second hand horror stories that might open my eyes on the subject. Luckily for me the girl in question rarely comes to NYC anymore, so it's very irregular. You know, abcence makes the heart grow fonder. Haha

    And as for you Lemur.....YOU know how it is F*cker! LOL

  20. Lemurrush


    Re: Re: Call me an idiot but

    "Everytime I try to get out they pull me back in."

    -- Al Pacino, 1990
    -- MJC, 2003