Do you tell your friends about your hobby?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by oddfellow4870, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. ricarddo


    I am single and have never told anyone in my twenty five years in the hobby that I do this stuff, and I intend on keeping it that way.
  2. Jack_Maehoffer


    Most of the posters in here are FOS about talking about screwing around. My friends always try to talk about their conquests married or not when the oppertunity arises. Who are y'all kidding!? Not me..
  3. billyS


    Answer to original question..............................NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Monk


    A friend of mine who worked for years in Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul) said that, in general, it was much easier to get laid over there. He said that office flirting often led to one night stands and that the women were much more passionate. They don't flaunt it, in a slutty way, but they're more open to entertaining sex once they get to know you.

    As for sharing my hobbying exploits, never. Once, on a Brittish board, I got to know someone quite well. He was traveling through New York and we met for a drink. He was much older and more experienced. Also, wealthier, so he had been able to pay for more varied experiences over the years. It was interesting to talk with someone face to face about the hobby in a non-threatening situation like that (the fact that we were from different worlds, in a sense, helped). But I wouldn't open up to anyone with whom I had to deal with socially on a regular basis. Too many potential complications.
  5. Thorn


    We are, at least most of us are, social creatures. We enjoy things on our own and, on another plain, when we share with our peers. So, do I tell others... I tell the very few trusted friends I know who I share these experiences with.

    Even if trust alone couldn't secure loyalty, M.A.D. certainly would fill in the gaps.
  6. lalalalawowo


    I told a friend about it and he hobbied the next weekend.
  7. buzz99


    As a former police beat reporter, I know that that bragging about a crime is one of the main ways people get busted. What purpose would be served?

    On a related note, I actually was wondering if a john would ever be brave enough to challenge the current prostitution/solicitation laws as victimless crimes.... I think it would make an interesting court case.
  8. DaveNJ


    Since my last post in this thread (which was all of 10 minutes ago) something just dawned on me.

    I've been to Ginja on more than one occasion, and a lot of times when I call to schedule appointment, mamasan asks me how many guys I'm bringing. This makes me think that they have groups come in on a regular basis, as well as the fact that I've been there in my room with my girl and she tells me a group of guys just came in.

    My question: who are these mongers who travel in herds? I mean, over 90% of the people in this thread said they tell no-one. Yet, it seems obvious that some guys not only discuss their hobby, they visit spas together.

    My response when mamasan asks me how many are coming: I travel alone. I mean, I can imagine that some people discuss their hobby with others, but to actually go together with good friends. The last thing I want to hear is my buddy moaning next room over.
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  9. DaveNJ


    I never discuss the hobby with anyone...period.

    It's actually kind of funny, because I have a friend who has recently brought up in conversation about how he is thinking about getting a massage for the first time at an AMP. He said he was wondering if he'd get anything more than a massage, and how much I thought it might cost, etc. It's amazing how dumb I have to play in order to keep it a secret. If he only knew what I knew. Honestly, even if he does go to a spa and gets extras, I'm not sure that I'd tell him even then that I've been to one (or a hundred) myself. If I do, there is no way in hell I'd tell him the extent of my exploits. There is nothing to gain, and too much to lose. I'm not married, but I can see introducing a future new girlfriend to him, and at some point he mentions it. No way in hell I'm going to risk having that happen.
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  10. benisbig


    I've had a bunch of guys tell me about their mongering. I do tell them I go as well.
  11. blane17


    with my close friends, yes. i have no problem telling them as we are all perverts. i usually dont tell them the full extent of some of my adventures as i am a complete degenerate. however, once i have a few drinks in me, i have no problem telling them about fucking a goat while some young asian tickled my asshole.
  12. letsgetstarted


    OK, I will split hairs a bit. Almost every guy I talk to has been to an AMP. Sometimes I will admit to that, but I never discuss the escorts.
  13. rocketman29



    I have heard of one in V.Stream, but have not found it myself yet either. Off Topic, Moshe is one of my all time favorite Jewish names, along with Chaim.
  14. tigerguy


    I never talk about it with friends here, but when I was on buz trip to Asia, I talked openly with my Asian partners who I rely on to get tips.

    Funny, there is cultural difference between the East and the West. In the west, seeing providers is a private thing never to be shared casually with friends. In Asia, seeing providers is an open secret among male buddy friends. Not only they talk and joke about it but many join sex activities as a group. Of course, they will never say it when their wifes and woman friends are around. It's a male dorminated society and it's not a shame but a pride to be able to afford escorts. Now you understand why Amercian like to do buz in Asia because their Asian partners know how to take care of their needs.
  15. travis13


    If I were to tell anyone ... I would have to kill them shortly thereafter ...

    on some things it is best to 'Trust no one'!!!!!

    Be Careful out there
  16. stinkweed56


    There is no one I have ever told or ever will tell, even guys who seem like monger candidates themselves who are probably keeping their secret the same way.

    However, what if you somehow ran into someone you knew at an MP or incall motel or somewhere? That would be an interesting situation. you would each have the same dirt on the other.
  17. MrFreeze451



    OK... out at a softball game on Wed night with guy from the temple.... He says lets go Valley Stream and get massage with happy ending.. I look at him, and I say "Moshe you have such a fucking big mouth that even if I wanted a massage with a Happy Ending I would not go anywhere with you!"

    Just wish i knew where that place in Valley is....
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  18. capitan


    Do you tell your friends about this hobby?.....absolutely NO !

    Straight ahead,
  19. neilz


    Tell them, I let them smell my fingers.
  20. Jordan

    Jordan banned

    There is no reason to tell anyone.