Does anyone take these crazy and unusal classes at The Learning Annex??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by shaftforever, Feb 24, 2003.

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  1. pswope

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    One of the most popular Learning Annex courses in LA is How to give a Blow Job. It's taught by west coast working girls
  2. curious



    :) I just might have to bag work that day! Thanks for the link, shaftforever!
  3. Bill Furniture

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    Back to school? I wanna be in Caitlin's class, maybe I could get her to make out in the coat closet.;)
  4. shaftforever


    They have this class called How to Shoot Your Own Adult Video -

    I have friends who took this class and said that it is legit and full of information. Although I am not interested in producing porn for sale, it may spice up my marriage a bit.

    They have a Tantra Class -

    How to Strip for Your Lover - - and other dating events.

    I have taken quite a few business classes through them but I am going to "secretly" sign my wife up for How to Strip for Your Lover. Sh@t, before I pay $200 to a provider so I can get my rocks off, I am going to try putting my wife and myself in some of these dang classes. Hobbying is way too expensive for my pockets. That is the last resort for me!

    If you register at their website,, you can redeem a $7 discount coupon code called LOWER for your first on-line registration. Believe me, I am on their ****** list and I get tons of discounts. Spreading the word to fellow UGers who want to learn how to freak up their life, so to speak. :)
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