Does LE set up fake craigslist ads?

Discussion in 'Craigs list & Backpage' started by BigBucksNYC, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. tommynj


    I think in NJ at least, the actual arrest & subsequently having your name in the paper is the punishment - -many cases are dropped or pleaded down to a disorderly or something. The police are just going for the arrest.
  2. Bandaid



    You're right, of course, I'm just reckoning that prosecutors are not that likely to go to a jury trial and present that kind of evidence when the stakes are so low, a crummy misdemeanor. It's too much effort for too little return for them; it's not good "judicial economy." If we saw the numbers on these things and how they're resolved, I bet it would be surprisingly low, but I can't prove it. But sure they could if they were highly motivated for some reason.
  3. moneyshotsnj


    Obviously you're not from New Jersey
  4. justlooking


    Circumstantial evidence is admissable and can be used by the jury to conclude that illegal activity has occurred even if no one talked about it.

    The law is not made and administered by morons.
  5. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Naturally, in the course of duty, a law inforcement officer would never tell a lie about anything like that...
  6. Bandaid


    Incall at a hotel is the easiest for the cops, but the truth is I don't think they do it much, maybe not at all. There's lots of rumors and stories about it but I've never seen a post that says "I got busted last night going to an incall." There was a poll here that showed the vast majority of respondents on this board had never been busted or had been caught up in a bust (AMP, usually) and let go. That poll included providers, who do get busted.

    There was even a story posted here a very few days ago where they busted a house in New Jersey - two guys were arrested when they became belligerent and refused to leave! (Some people you just can't do a favor for).

    But I'd never tell anybody the danger is zero. There's always a chance things would change or something would happen. But, again except for the street, not many guys get busted.
  7. tommynj


    "Never do anything Illegal" You may absolutely pay a girl to meet with you as long as there is no offer of sex.
  8. hookahlayah


    Well I saw one CL ad today that the girl said something like "and I can prove im 19 (and not 16...)". LOL, omg I wanted to reply to that with "Good day detectives, might I give you some constructive criticism on how to set up a CL ad".

    While I agree this is true, I still do this primarily over outcall because it is the least expensive and allows the most flexibility. Stick with KNOWN agencies (BDJ comes to mind) and you should be ok.
  9. Jordan

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    Entrapment or not ??

    Prostitutes can safely challenge johns with the question "Are you a cop?" because law enforcement officers must answer truthfully.

    Status: False.
    Origins: Police

    don't have to reveal their status, even when asked flat out. There's nothing in the law to prohibit law enforcement officers from lying in the course of performing their duties. Were this not so, there'd be no sting operations that involve telling wanted criminals they'd just won trips to Bermudas to get them to come on in, or undercover operations where cops pretend to be suppliers to drug buyers. Police couldn't do their jobs were they restricted to telling the truth all of the time, and a moment's thought about it should lay this belief to rest.
    It has long been accepted hooker lore that a working girl could render herself arrestproof by asking a prospective john if he were a policeman before anyone's clothes came off. This belief in protection rested on the notion that even if the client did turn out to be a cop, his not being truthful about it would get the arrest thrown on the grounds of entrapment.
    Entrapment, alas, has to do with leading someone into engaging in an illegal activity he or she wouldn't otherwise have been involved in. A hooker getting together with a john is the ordinary course of business — the act of prostitution is not brought on by the john's talking the prostitute into doing something she otherwise would never have thought to do.
    Even so, this bit of hooker lore is widely believed, and reliance upon it gets a number of girls arrested who might otherwise have passed on the trick. In 1986 prostitute Dolores French and her lawyer husband Michael Hauptman wrote a legal pamphlet they planned to distribute nationwide to call girls through COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), the national hookers' association, and AIDS test programs being conducted in several cities. Among other things, it warned that undercover police waving money have to go a long way to be accused of entrapping prostitutes. "Many people believe if you ask an officer if he is a cop, and the officer denies it, that is entrapment. This is a myth," the pamphlet said.
  10. tommynj


    The answer to your question is yes, probably. Especially ads without an age seeking a "daddy" or mature man. You may get a response back or an IM - with suggestive banter and such - or a request for a nude pic with the promise of a meeting. When you do ask, she may say I am 16 but mature for my age or something... and pushing you to incriminate yourself. Always make sure the girl specifies she is over 18, and remember don't do anything illegal!
  11. Bandaid


    There's been many rumors (some floated by the cops themselves) but very little in terms of solid information.

    The most dangerous for you is incall at her hotel. The arrest team can be right next door in another room. They have a chance to set things up just the way they want them.

    I don't know about incall at an apartment, either. Many apartments wouldn't be suitable for them.

    I'm unaware of the cops ever doing outcall. They'd have to send the decoy/female into your place (hotel, etc.) without any chance to set up. I doubt very seriously they do it.

    Where cops do bust and bust clients is the street. They also bust AMPs, but clients are usually not arrested unless they're wanted for something else or they resist the cops, stuff like that.

    Providers do not like to discuss specifics over the phone. The elements of a charge of solicitation for prostitution is an offer for a fee for sex. A decoy would want to fill these checkboxes in and so turn the conversation that way. Real providers practically never do that. They speak of "sessions" and so on. Picture this: you show up at a provider's hotel and get busted, but you never spoke of what you were getting for what you were paying. The cops have a hard time proving you weren't there for a massage or lambada lessons.

    The other danger signs are cars or vans of men with short hair sitting outside the venue of your tryst.

    The risk is real, but it isn't very high, except on the street.
  12. BigBucksNYC


    Anyone know if LE sets up fake ads on craigslist manhattan? I haven't used craigslist before and most of the ads aren't reviewed here or elsewhere so I'm just wondering if I have to be extra careful or not. If so, are there any warning signs I should watch out for?