Dollar Parade: Best and Worst

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  1. TNA


    gotta agree w/ chaz here... showplace does have an inordinate # of ruskies who have only one goal in their self-rightoeous mind... fill their pocket and empty yours! in general, excluding BU's (and maybe some other joint i've never heard about), high russian/eastern european factor = NASCAR dollar parade. SImple formula. Somehow BU's is the exception to the rule... IMHO
  2. JerseyDan


    The tip parade at Lace can be non existant which is good. Centerfolds on the other hand has gotten better since they have been using some new Brazilian agencies. Also I like a club that has a seperate area from the stage so you can escape the parade. Tits the parade is unstoppable. Many Russian girls have tried to quilt me into better tips by telling me how much they have to pay agents etc. Then one night I saw two of them getting into luxury sedans not an agency bus. I only tip girls I like period. I'll play the wall all night until someone I like comes by.
  3. likesaction


    good friends bad business?

    I've always hated it when sitting and chatting and groping and negociating with a young lady, the dancer on stage stands there and bothers you to interrupt your heated conversation (or fondle) to give her one dollar bill. No relief from the parade!

    My problem is that the entertainer that you're chatting with often times will play along and suggest you tip the dancer. Many of the girls might be friends and they look out for each other. But you think she could give us a little quality time? The hot girls will make a lot of more money after we find some cozy private booth-- the losers probably depend on the singles... do they feel sorry for the losers?? I'm thinking: pay attention to me for a moment here.
  4. george1948


    Coming from you that's an honor! But an empty off a table? Who knows where that bottle was (hahaha)???

    The two worst places in NNJ that I've been to are Showplace in Dover and the Hitching Post Lite in Hackensack. Showplace is so bad that even though FS is available I won't fight the dollar parade to get to that point.
  5. DoNotDisturb


    HEEEEEEY....wait a minute, I'm calling you out on this one bro.

    I could care less about the details about the HDTV, let's hear about the dancer :)
  6. brykster


    hey, there are plenty of clubs in brooklyn and, i think we'd all prefer it if they stayed over there.
  7. brykster


    a man after my own heart. i'm even worse. i'll pick an empty off of a table, fill it with water and pose with it all night. i haven't done this that often; but the times i have, i've never had a problem...but you can't sit at the bar.
  8. brykster


    i agree whole heartedly. do you guys understand how much these women make...and it's tax free. figure a good dancer can pull in 250-300. if she dancers 3 to 4 nights a week, she's clearing 50K tax free. that's like us making 75K. now, the fellas out there topping 75K, do you feel deserving of charity, i know i don't. as an aside, i was at a dancer's apartment the other night and she had a brand now 60 inch, high definition television and this is a dancer from a slummy Paterson hole in the wall.
  9. hacecarne123


    Worst by far any gogo down neck/newark
  10. shorty


    H Post

    - Lace
    - Stilletto's
    - Satin Dolls (moderate, not bad, not great)
    - Sunrise
  11. JaxHammer


    Ditto to Lace DC.

    Also, I always insist that the girls who sit next to me "unsolicited" and beg for seven dollar drinks will only get an offer of a bottled beer. This way I know they are actually getting alcohol. Too often they have a prearranged deal with the barmaid whereby unsuspecting guys think they are buying them expensive drinks. In reality they are getting non-alcohol drinks and a kickback at the end of the night. Happens too often...

    PS: Many times when you say you will only spring for a beer they will leave you alone.
  12. Daddycool


    I need to say that Lace in South Hackensack is great if you just want to hang out with a few guy friends and talk with some cool chicks. Dollar or lap dance parade almost nill here.
  13. funandgames


    Tip Parade Newark?
    Without question the worst in the state has to be a place called "off Sides" It is down a few blocks from route 21. "c" level girls and a relentless tip parade with no up side. The girls are encouraged to sit with you and you are instantly set upon by the barmaid to buy the girl a drink. I can't believe people even go into the place. Barmaids seem miserable which I am sure is simply a reflection of the managment philosophy trickling down to them. Horrible place.
  14. aceofclubs26


    How's this for a good night dollar parade. I was at Doc Cave's from about 11:15 to 12:30. I spent $16.00. (2 waters, tipped the barmaid a $1 twice and $6.00 in tips to the girls) I've never seen the girls spend so much time dancing on the stage. They barely gave a shit about coming around. It's not like they were bullshitting amongst them selves on stage either. They were really working. I felt like I had a good night even though I didn't go for a lap.
  15. aceofclubs26


    That was my learn something new for the day....very interesting.
  16. Thorn


    Just for those that give a rat's ass: NJ has a civil court ruling that holds owners of taverns who over serve customers who than get into auto accidents as directly liable in any tort action for recovery and punitive damages.

    [That is why that language at legit clubs about "two drink minimum", etc, went away and was replaced by direct cover charges or entry fees.]
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  17. paulbunyon


    Its gotta be 5th Ave hands down......With a close 2nd to Showplace. And Cabaret can get quite annoying too when there are a lot of dancers there. Basically, the more I think about it, anywhere with a few dancers can have a bad dollar parade if you don't learn how to say NO! (Which I admit is not always an easy thing to do).
  18. ekual2003


    Dollar parade definetly isnt that bad at all at Heartbreakers.
    But, the bouncers can definetly be ball-busters there.
    Especially NOW at Heartbreakers, after the several raids in the past year and what not, they are definetly strict there.

    That is why I have boycotted this place since it was raided. No point to go here anymore. I dont even think it will be the same ever again.
  19. aceofclubs26


    Sorry that I led my own post astray. I really wasn't bitching about the place since I don't think the dollar parade is that bad at Heartbreakers. I was just trying prepare someone for what they might encounter from the bouncers. I usually handle it without a prob. I would love to hear about other places where the dollar parade isn't relentless.
  20. george1948


    Not to sound like too cheap of a fucker, but here's what I do when I'm at a club that pushes drinks too much. Get a bottle of water (most likely 5 bucks!) Make it last as long as reasonably possible, then head for the men's room. Fill it up at the sink (sleazy, I know, but straight from the tap it hasn't had a chance to come in contact with anything...haha) and strut back out. Unless the bouncer bastard has a picture, he can't bitch. What are you gonna do, buy another water if the one you have is still full?????

    Oh, and this works with those brown tinted Budweiser bottles, too. I don't do it too often, but sure as shit aren't going to go for that "you're not drinking fast enough" bullshit.

    I'm usually there to drink and get a few LDs anyway. I only pull that trick if they're being pricks.