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Discussion in 'New York' started by jjred675, Feb 8, 2006.

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    i've been slackin on the reports, but here's my catch up:

    awhile ago i posted about how i went to an amp on madison and low 30's and had a weird experience in elevator and out front. well, anyway, i decided to go back and see what was there. i got ushered right in by the mamasan and a korean chick in a miniskirt comes to take me to my room. immediately seeing the skirt, i knew it was on. got a tableshower and massage and then she asks, in that broken english, if i want to do "it" and makes the playground finger in hole sign. hah. ha. she says 150, i say 125 and we settle. hit it on the massage table in several different positions. she was okay, but i could tell she was ready for me to come asap as it seemed to be uncomfortable for her. she was moaning quite a bit which freaked me out, because i'm sure anyone in the adjacent rooms could have heard what was going on. her name is angie. about 28 yo IMHO, typical asian body...short legs, no ass, etc. total damage was 70+125. not really so worth it although the massage was pretty good. i was there last week.

    next was susi at's hit or miss with the phone girls. sometmes they're cool. other times they're bitchy. anyway, i met susi at the 28th st location. she was VERY polite and accomodating. i was just in for a quick one and bolted within 10 mins of starting. wasn't up for a marathon, even though she seemed ready to go the whole time limit. this place is very clean. clean towels are offered - she takes them out of a drawer where you can see many neatly folded ones. offers shower. everything covered. she is probably 30 yo or thereabouts. big jugs. thin. small ass. very, very friendly and accommodating.

    well, that's it for now. hope that helped bring in new info. any questions?