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Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by njpuzzles, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. tricomonger


    I saw a third place in Dover in The SL (3664400). I called, its on 24 Blackwell St, russian girls. Has anyone been there?
  2. Sandbag


    The RMP has hotter girls, but a lot more pricey. You can stumble into 9e and be sure you're getting it all... and every so often get a hottie. I've been to 9e more than I can count. I've only had one so-so experience, and, well there was one other time that I wasn't turned on by the girl's face, but where and how long she buried that face as absolutely amazing.

  3. njpuzzles


    I know that there's a already a forum on Dover (in fact, I've already posted in it and review it regularly), but so as not to possibly incur the wrath of, or piss off, Slinky, I figured I should ask this here:
    I've been to 9E (twice okay, once so-so), so in Dover, between 9E or Rt 46, which is better overall (girls, service)?