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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by JRZug, Nov 5, 2001.

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  1. Escort_King

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    And keeping them all very under your hat there slinky!!! I love ultracheap... just means more
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    So this traveling businesman is in a very small island nation in the Pacific, paying a sales call on the king. He gets the real "royal treatment" the first day, without being allowed to discuss any business ( the local custom is that only on the third day of the visit may you transact any business ). After dinner, the king lets the man know that he is "giving him" one of his wives for the evening, as is his own personal custom to do with honored guests. This incredible cutie, however, speaks no English.

    Back at the room she immediately gets frisky, and she's all over him, cooing and moaning. Not being able to ask what she wants, he decides to just got at it with this incredibly passionate woman. As he enters her she lets out a loud gasp, and then starts to moan "Kashumbda, kashumbda". He picks up the pace a bit, and she's moaning louder "KASHUMBDA, KASHUMBDA" until he really goes all out and she's practically screaming "KASHUMBDA, KASHUMBDA". After they are done, she sheepishly smiles at him and leaves. It was great for him - not only did he have a great time, but he also learned a little of the native tongue.

    The next day, the King takes him out on his private golf course. the king is actually a pretty good golfer ! one the fifteenth hole, which is a short par three, the King pulls out a seven iron, takes a massive swing and the ball heads towards the green. it bounces twice and....it's in the cup !!!!! Everyone is rejoicing, and the guy figures now is the time to pull out the one word of praise he has learned, so he shouts "KASHUMBDA, KASHUMBDA !!!!". Incredulous, the King whips around and glares at him: "What do you mean 'wrong hole' ????"
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    Don't let the providers hear that one. The old story I'm sorry I didn't mean to try and greek you, I must of had too much to drink may not work anymore !!
  4. Slinky Bender

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    Less "Greek by mistake" ?????
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    There's nothing wrong with having an adult beverage while waiting for the lady to appear. It may relax you and help allay any nervousness that you have. There are dozens of published studies that confirm that a drink or two will improve your hand-eye coordination -- whatever the hell that might have to do with the success of your session is beyond me, but you guys are creative enough to come up with something useful here.
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    I live on Pepsi, but when I go to see a lady, I will drink either water or ginger ale so my tongue isn't discolored.
  7. Ozzy


    when i go into a bar or a place that has coke on tap (instead of a bottle or can) and it's real sweet....i'll turn to my friends and say "they got good coke".
  8. Slinky Bender

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    In most incalls ( except for the ultra cheap one's that I like to frequent ), I would think that a simple request for just about any beverage during the phone call to set up the appointment would be accomodated. It's just that few folks tend to include this as part of that phone call.

    I think the reason you usually get the diet coke is that they aren't inclined to keep 5 different Cola drinks around, and that the majority of the ladies would pick the diet version ( and guess who usually picks the beverages ??? ). I bet when you go to a house with guys manning the phones and desk, etc, they have "real Coke" instead of diet.
  9. JRZug


    OK, so I'm always offered a drink at any house or AMP or even Indie I go to.

    Personally, I always take a coke, or better yet bring my own, coke or gatorade depending on how many girls I think I have time for. Funny thing, they rarely actually have regular coke, and half the time they try to pass off the sugar free kind on me, like I won't know the difference!

    I got to wondering, though, what might be implied by this?

    First off, the word "Coke" may mean something different to them than it does to me. Might mean I get something I don't want, or might mean I set off a red flag.

    Second, not asking for an alcoholic beverage; does this mark me as a potential cop? Or is it a relief for the ladies who know there's a better chance I'll be sober, able to perform easily and not as likely to be rough?

    I don't drink alcohol, particularly not when I've got sex coming to me... but I'm not religious about that, would certainly be happy to sip a couple sips of something if it would set things more at ease.

    Since they all seem to stock whisky and rum, maybe something with those, or maybe at least a mixer soda that is more prevalent than coke, and not so unfortunately named?

    Is bringing my own making me look prepared, or like I might be trying to smuggle in something?

    Is thinking about this sort of thing, when I"ve never been kicked out of a house or even denied sex at one, a bit on the paranoid side? I like to think its just something to give me a little better edge at getting everyone relaxed as soon as possible.