Dubai, UAE Part 2

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    Back again to Dubai for the International Food Expo Gulfood 2014.

    If you do make it there... run don't walk to the Moscow Hotel in the Deira region.

    100 Dirham entry fee (~$28.00 USD) Arrived around 10:00 pm and it was barely half full. Lots of young (18-28) attractive women majority were Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbeki, Serbian and a handful of Vietnamese. Overall most were 7s and 8s and a handful of 9s and 10s. I was shocked at the caliber of woman compared to what Ive seen at some of the other hotel bars.

    Drinks at the bar are about $10 each and there are a bunch of "reserved" tables all which could be yours if you buy a bottle of wine or champagne. My first night was really just taking it all in. There's a small stage were they had 3 stunning model-type woman in skimpy outfits just dancing to whatever the DJ played. Russian band took the stage and played in English and Russian and surprisingly good band. By midnight the place was filled wall to wall body to body could barely walk through the crowd. The place was a cock fest filled with men, but all seemed to be gawking and the women seemed to know who to approach and who to avoid. There were more than enough women to make your choice.

    I had some small talk with one girl named Anna who pretty much spotted me out of the crowd as a tourist and was blown away that I was from NY. Anna was a 6 to 7 great face but a lil thick. Eventually discussed an exchange and she gave me following pricing. 2000 Dirhams ($550) for the night or simply 1000 for couple of hours ($275). you need to ask all the questions about how long... what she will do and is there any limitations... be specific they are all pros. Obviously you must negotiate... which I did to essentially for 1000 plus an extra 100 for the cab fare back to her place from my hotel ($300 total). Quick ride to my hotel and quickly her clothes came off while I was putting away all valuables in the safe. She asked me for the money at that point and I gave her half now and asked if it were okay to give her other half in the morning. She was okay with it. We both showered in the walk in shower. She saw the huge bathtub and wanted to fill it up. While we showered she sat on a small ledge and gave me a nice blow job to which she said not many girls in Dubai like to give blow jobs but she on the other hand was not one of them. She licked and sucked on my balls over and over and within minutes I busted a lil in her mouth then the rest on her tits.

    I asked her to jump in the tub and had her play with herself while she started to blow me again. We did this and that for a while then proceeded to the bedroom. Typical stuff nothing out of the ordinary. She slipped on condom and did a variety but she asked for me to finish doggie. We spent the time chatting and then another round. Lot more into it the second time as she liked be spanked and was a lil bit rougher in general. Both crashed hard. We both woke up in the morning and one more go at it this time letting me cum in her mouth to finish up. Quick shower, gave her the rest of the money and put her in a cab.

    The next night there I ran into her and she asked if I wanted to go again... I told her what a nice time I had and was going to decline cause I wanted the variety. I offered to buy her drinks throughout the night as she really was a lot of fun. That was best thing I ever did, every so often she would bring 1-2 girls back to where I was at the bar and introduced me as the NYer (maybe in Russian I was either the sucker or a solid lead). The one girl that caught my eye was an absolute double for Cameron Diaz. I could not get over it. So apparently her and the model type ladies go for 3000 Dirhams for the night. I tried talking Cameron down to 2000 but she wouldn't budge especially cause some guy at a reserved table seemed to be catching her eye and she was all over him later. I was chatting up a Vietnamese girl who asked 1000 for the whole night.... She was very pretty maybe 19 at most but had no chest whatsoever.....

    Half hour later she returns and this time she's with one of her girlfriends and holy shit I had to have that!!!