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    The next night we headed down to the Orchid hotel on the same street as the Metropolitan... They actually post a poster during the evening when the bar opens up and the girls parade up and down a stage.... fricken poster is like a menu.... place was filled with more "locals" and the gals were all Asian. The place actually gave me the creeps because of all Pakistani/Indian locals staring us up and down, so we headed to a pub next to the tennis stadium called "The Irish Village". All tourists with many coming from England & Germany.... very easy to pick up non working girls there... I ended up meeting two girls from Australia that work for Jacobs Creek Vineyards. They were sponsoring Dubai Cup Tennis and had an area set up pouring free wine. Ended up taking one of them back to her hotel.... and all I can say is I think I have a new fetish of licking red wine out of Australian pussy.
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    the Metropolitan is like the United Nations of working girls. You can find almost nationality inside. its also like carnival outside on weekends. always stop there when in UAE.
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    Nice review and much appreciated. Prices are similar for some of the girls in Vegas but dubai is somewhere i would like to go once in my life. When aren't asian girls price lower than anyone's.
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    Real interesting info on Dubai. I had heard the Russian babes were in plentiful supply but it was real good to get explicit info on this.
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    Its been quite the while but on the off chance someone takes a trip to Dubai, I thought this might help.

    I was heading out their on a business trip for a trade show and looked in advance at some possible playtime. Because of the strict religious culture I wasn't expecting to find much, and what ever ad posted on websites looked like a fortune to me.

    The secret is the place is crammed with bang for the buck. Almost every hotel lobby has its share of ladies working. The price points seem to be determined by which country the lady is from. The priciest tend to be from USA and England at an average of $500+ hr in the middle of the road were mostly Ukraine, Chechen, Russian, Uzbekis & Romanian in the $250 range. Asian/Indian/Philipino in the $100 range.

    I was staying at The Metropolitan Hotel in Deira and each night the same 10-15 girls would sit at bar and eye you up and down. I learned unwritten rule they shouldn't approach you... you have to invite them over or go sit next to them.

    First night I met Aziza mid 30's talked for a little.. her rate started at $300 I told her i'd check back on her in an hour or so. I went back later and offered her $100 we settled at $150.

    She had to have front desk copy her ID for security (and they can charge extra person fee) We went up the elevator...some fumbling on my part trying to lift up her skirt... Pop in the room and she jumps in the shower with me. Her body was thin but had curves in the right place. Bigger on top than what i could tell from in her clothes..(Bonus) We started soaping each other up and I couldn't hold back... she rubbed one out of me. We proceeded to the bed... talked for a bit then she proceeded nice massage which lead to mediocre oral... she jumped on top, slipped on a condom and from there she just started grinding onto me and started getting really into it... give her an Oscar... but I loved it... flipped her to her knees for some doggie... she felt I was getting closer she pulled away and got on her back. I watched her lift her legs back until her feet went behind her head... holy contortionist.... i started fingering playing with her ass... kinda testing the boundary... she seemed okay so we continued... eventually finished up like that... hung out on the bed... overall time was about 80 minutes... we washed up and back down to the bar.

    She introduced me to some of the other girls... and next thing you know.... my plans for the week just got a whole lot better.