Dude looks like a lady

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by itsajoke69, Jul 24, 2001.

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  1. nycguy1967



    Is this the same Sophia that also has a posting at massageplaces.com (northern NJ)?

    She/ He (?) has a deep - could be sexy - voice. Says she is 100% woman from Spain. I called to inquie about a session, but wasn't sure enough to actually book.

    The picture certainly sparked my interest however.
  2. robnotbob


    Not to get on APM's bad side...

    But I recall last year, someone who is no longer posting on this board waxed poetic about her.

    Needless to say, after calling the number and finding out she WAS FS...the fact that this person had a hardon for her nixed my ever seeing her (Him?)
  3. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    So should the title of the thread be the reverse ?????
  4. amaxxx



    i've seen sophia a number of times and my first visit elicited the same reaction. I did, however, stick around for the session, and the more I looked, the more I became convinced that this was NOT in fact the case (the hands and arms are usually a good indication). Although Sophia does have a somewhat masculine face, and is a tall, big boned woman, her body is actually very nice and natural. More importantly, perhaps, she gives a sensational and sensual massage, is wonderfully talented orally, and is very willing to please and accomodate. As a bonus, she's a very interesting and intelligent woman.
  5. itsajoke69


    Been lurking for a while, but have decided to start posting...especially after today.

    Sofie, advertises in NY Mag as Sensuality with a French Twist is in the infamous 220 bldg. I got one look at her said "You used to be a boy" and left. Perhaps it was the light, perhaps my mood, but Aerosmith started playing in my head and I was outta there.

    Also, as a humorous aside, another client was on his way in to visit someone and heard the whole thing. He played non-chalant like he was just there to see his physician.

    Anyway, if someone can tell me I was wrong (or right!), I'd love to know.