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    Didn't this girl Lorena work there ?????
  2. justlooking


    When it changed to the Edelweiss, they kept the same wait staff. It became so popular with their new set of customers because the waiters would *still* pull out a scissors and cut it off.

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  3. EarlyRiser


    the Edelweiss


    Before Edelweiss was on 29th off 7th [that address sounds about right to me] there was a dairy restaurant there called Hersheys. the sort of place where you could have herring in cream for breakfast and it was rumoured that if you wore a necktie the waiters would pull out a scissors and cut it off.

    Maybe 10 yrs ago I was in that part of midtown in midafternoon and haddnt had lunch yet, and decided to stop at Hersheys and found that it had become Edelweiss. Seemed vaguely German but maybe that was just the name. Later (while I was living in the Tucson) I heard from a New York guy I met there that the Edelweiss was a TV hangout, and that it had moved to the west side.
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    No they are not all TV's. Some are pre- and post-op TS's.

    Edelweiss started out of a bar acutally called Edelweiss on ?29th? and 7th. There had previously been a "drag nite" close by at a "Rock and Roll Sushi" place ( Speed Limit 55 ?? ). When that went away, the operator wanted to find a place close by, and the "regular" bar traffic at Edelweiss on Saturday nite was close to nil. So they took over on that night and gradually expanded to other nites. There was a good amount of street walking going on in front for a bit, too ( I think a lot of the "girls" were just working for admission and drink $ for a nite out at the club ).

    When that closed, it was around the same time as the "straight" dance club in the Market Diner also closed, and they found their new home. Around a year ago they were closed on some "promotion of prostitution" or similar charge, since almost all the "girls" were using the place to pick up tricks. Again, there was a decent amount of streetwalking going on along 44th between 10th and 11th. Since the club got closed down last time, the amount of streetwalking has diminished, but that's true with all streetwalking.

    Up until very recently, there was a Yahoo Club called EdelweissNYC, but it's gone now.

    FWIW, it was never known ( in it's current location ) for having particularly good looking TV/TS's.
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    All TV's and they do not serve liquor in there any more.
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    What are they all TV's?
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    First, you need to drink a quart of Vodka before you go into the place...

    Lot's of tall, hot, big breasted girls in there...All for you to pick from...Go on in there tonight....It's a real happening place!

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    Anyone know this place on 44th and 12th?