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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by jaypgee, Dec 11, 2001.

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  1. Gill Bates

    Gill Bates

    Can I get my money's worth here?

    I've heard not-so-nice things about this place before, so naturally I've never been to it. However, this thread seems to hint that it's under new management and on its way up. I've also seen some very attractive pictures on Eros, so I was wondering if I should give it a try.

    The other day I was in the neighborhood and decided to take a detour. The area didn't seem to be the nicest in Jersey City, or any town as a matter of fact. I knocked on the door and a 30-ish Spanish looking lady opened the door. To my surprise, there was a big guy sitting on a sofa by the entrance and I'm still wondering what his role was even today. Security? Maybe it's needed in that neighborhood, but if so, it's not somewhere I can feel totally relaxed and enjoy the service. Customer? Maybe it's me, but I don't want to see anyone or be seen by anyone in such a place. Boyfriend of the lady? Then why is he there? If they allow people unrelated to the business there, what kind of a joint they are running? So anyway you think about it, it's not a good choice.

    By the way, can anyone who's been to this place recently attest to the authenticity of the Eros photos? I'm wondering if it's bait-and-switch. But if it's for real, I wouldn't mind giving it a 2nd try.
  2. tattster


    tip before the meal?

    I learned a long time ago not to tip em until they are finished or understand my expetations. if they dont go along, tell em no thanks, lotion is cheaper and guarenteed
  3. bigdaddydep



    yeah but you must check the menu with them!!!!
  4. hmocha


    Tell us...

    .. does the new and improved include extras, and if so what is the $?
  5. bigdaddydep


    wellness is happening

    Just been to the new wellness center no more elise and saw a girl named bianca great body, friendly and had great time check the new place out!!!!!!!
  6. travlnman


    I guess we should visit before they shut you down!!
  7. MadamK


    elise is out it's been sold all the girls are new and hot!!!!! The whole place has been renovated and now has clean rooms, showers, and body shampoo and yeti from the desk is gone!!!!! It is 1 hour for $60.... The new people reopened it on 11/10/03
  8. loulooking4U


    RE: Old Post

    Thank God Richman has a good memory. I didn't pay attention to the date. Jersey City caught my eye since it's close to me.
  9. LadyRed


    Don't bother with them, they've been in business for about 2 or 3 years now and they are not even honest with the women they hire. Been there-Done that...

    Don't waste your time guys! (or your money)
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  10. travlnman


    Elise on JFK

    Waterclone, I think you're right. It does look like the same place although I don't remember them having an 800 number.
  11. richman927


    Re: massage was ok...tipping was discussed .8$ for bbbj 2 cups of Joe really could compla

    as i remember yeah it was 2 cups
    I fptgpt to mention that i caught her the on the 2nd cup right in the exrensions...it was pretty funny...well i thought so so was pissed
  12. mana


    Re: massage was ok...tipping was discussed .8$ for bbbj 2 cups of Joe really could compla


    you DO realize that richman's post was from April 2002, right? Even then it was a good deal, but still.
  13. loulooking4U


    massage was ok...tipping was discussed .8$ for bbbj 2 cups of Joe really could compla

    So help me understand. You got 2 cups of bbbj for .8? or did I misunderstand?
  14. Waterclone

    Waterclone Go ahead. Try me.

    New on eros...

    I think this place is now advertising itself on Eros under "Kelly and Friends".

    It's listed under both escort and bodyrub.
  15. richman927


    Elise Revisted

    Since im still hoping for a incall in Staten Island....I pick up a copy of the Staten Island Advance... I kinda been having luck with some MP's in NJ that I found in there.... 5 Minutes from the Bayone Bridge the ad says.... I give them a call...Girl was nice over the phone so Im off <besides it was Friday and I wanted to buy Big Game TIckets>.

    1st. off its on a Major Street next to a laundrymat..so the old bitys that do their was h there kinda look at ya funny when you come and go.. Jay was right about the Big letters outside...just seemed very strange to be out in the open the way it is.

    Anyway meet the Yeti <dont know her name> .4/.6 she leads me to a room tells me to get comfy.. Black Girl Comes in ok looking alittle too thick for me but ok...she says am I ok I say sure then takes off for a few minutes...Meanwhile I hear some dickhead out in the lobby on his cell phone telling his buddies what he's doing...This place takes walk ins I guess..I heard him say he didnt have a appointment...Im ready to walk cause of him when Brady comes back I tell her that this guys got me alittle freaked...she assured me that he was just a tool...

    massage was ok...tipping was discussed .8$ for bbbj 2 cups of Joe really could complain much about the service or the girls..just the was the operations run..

    had a good time but Im not sure if I'll go back...In this time that the LE is running rampant in NJ...

    Its a bad idea to take walk--ins

    Just my .02

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  16. jaypgee


    This place is relatively new, on the main thoroughfare in Jersey City. Number can be found in the Star Ledger and the Jersey journal, I believe. Called them up on Sunday around two, told me that they were incredibly busy, but that I could walk in in an hour if I wanted to.

    I got there around 2:20, and parked right in front. They have their name in big letters on the window, so i started thinking, this place probably doesn't even do HR. I wait around until about 2:50 and didn't see anyone leave, so I finally go in.

    When I walk in there was the phone yeti (slapped too many times with the ugly stick) and a young white girl, from what I could tell about a 6. The woman was surprised to see me and I remarked that it was a little dead. She asked me if I was the person who had called earlier. I lied and told her I called several days earlier and was told I could just walk in. She told me I was lucky, that it was indeed a bit dead (Another bad sign: overt lying) She then told me that it was $60, and I told her about the advertised special of $40. She told me that it was only for the weekdays, and I told her that I was told that was good anytime before 4PM. She then kind of stalled, hoping that I would give her the $60, and I was about to give her $45, when she relented and said that she would take the $40, but it would only be for 40 minutes (which it never really is, right) I leave with the girl to the room.

    The girl (Brenda, I believe) tells me to get comfortable and leaves the room. She asks me for my name (which Yeti already asked me for, twice) and leaves. I undress, and a minute later Brenda comes back.

    I ask for powder and she starts her work. Not bad, like some other places, but not so great. A bit different in technique. This continues for about twenty minutes, and then she tells me that she'll leave the room so I can turn over and if I want to, I can leave a tip on the drawer in the corner. (Third oh-oh. I hate when people ask for a tip before they finish their service. Does this ever happen at a restaurant? I really wanted to ask her this) I take out forty, hoping that she won't count it until after.

    She comes back and asks me if I want full body. I told her how much more is that, and she says $50 ( I always thought full body is when they get naked, but that's been my experience) So, surprise, she doesn't even take off her top and just lacklusterly starts shimmying my north pole. With powder.

    I ask if she does French, and she replied, "What's that?" I mimicked the oral sign, and she told me that that was solicitation. Well, yeah, so what does full body mean??? She then asks me if I had ever been to a place like that before. I wanted to say, never, that this had been among the worst, if not the worst, ones I had ever been to. So after 5 minutes Eureka!, and she leaves the room again so I can clean myself up in private. She takes the money, not counting it, and leaves.

    I dress quickly, open the door, and slip out. I say goodbye to Yeti, and go home.

    So, to sum up, a big thumbs down. And with their advertisement so blatantly up on the window, I'm guessing that this place will not last long.