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  1. plat122


    If you are looking to have a few drinks then this Embers is a pretty good place. The club is nice and clean as the poster said. If you are looking for extras then Embers is a great disapointment. I've seen some of the dancers at Rah Rahs and some other high mileage clubs, but nothing happens here. I don't think they will have lap dancing or private dancing anytime soon. The tip parade is not very intensive but I did feel that I was under a bit of pressure to buy a drink or two for a dancer. Judging from the dancers I would say that take out if available but hardly worth it. Most of the dancers were friendly but they were also old splunkers. Very much worth a quicky in the club but not worth getting a motel room. My visit was on a Saturday afternoon so until things change I spend my week-end days at Tittilations. Much more bang for the Buck.
  2. brykster


    interesting...been here three times and the dancers are predominantly high mileage players at other rooms; but for some reason nothing seems to happen here.
  3. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    Went to Embers on Clinton Ave around 8 for a quick beer or two and the place seems to be OK. It has been fixed up from front to back, the pool table is nice and the sticks are new, and the bathroom is new and clean. The club had about 5 girls working. Marilous and Lou are HJ Queens from Rah Rahs. Motormouth from Bottoms Up was also dancing. There is no place for a private dance and I didn't see anything going on at the bar. With some of the girls they had working there posibilities are clearly there. Will surely go back.