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Discussion in 'New York' started by whasssup, Jun 29, 2001.

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  1. whasssup


    Thank you

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I spoke to my friend today and thank god there is no permanent damage. With alot of love, prayer, and time she should make a full recovery. Thank you for helping me thru a difficult 24 hours. I do not personally know alot of you but in my time of need I could feel your kind words and prayers. Be safe and be good and keep the faith. Life is good.
  2. mercydancer


    I will have your friend in my morning meditations. The driver who did this will have to look at him/her self everyday in the mirror and know what they did.

    Life IS too short,we just never know what can happen or when it can happen. That's why I live life to the fullest. I try to take out time to enjoy the simple things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

    I will also have you in my meditations today. When something like this happens to someone near to us, our entire life changes also.
  3. candie


    Life sure can surprise us all, whassup! I want to wish your friend all the very best for a speedy recovery! It is always a wakeup call to us when someone we find close to us goes thru something terrible like this.

    I hope she will be ok. Whoever did that will have to live with the guilt forever and never forget what they did.

    Life is short for sure :(
  4. jgd


    Amen !
  5. whasssup


    Just found out that a close friend of mine was hit by a car tonite (hit and run). I haven't been able to get a hold of her but I hear she is in stable condition. Kind of put things in perspective...at least for me. We all have it so good. I think a lot of us take many things for granted. Just be happy that we have our health and our friends. Sorry to get so deep but I needed a forum to reflect my thoughts. Be good everyone and be safe and most importantly enjoy life because you never know what tomorrow brings.

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