Enough about J, how about other young indies?

Discussion in 'New York' started by samm_adams, May 27, 2001.

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  1. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Unless something has changed, Brenda(sigh) has retired.
    take care HP
  2. candie


    agrees brenda is excellent! sure miss u dawn, hugs!

    I have no clue though who Janelle is. I just dont know anything bout her.

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    try shaunas sister she is good i hear..

    morgan leigh i think..
    although i hear brenda is excellent..
  4. samm_adams


    I must admit that I was very interested in hooking up with J, based on early reviews of her on JAG. But with all the discussion about her now, how could I?

    But enough of this back and forth about J. She'll either get help or she won't...and honestly, either way it won't have a major impact on our lives. And selfishly speaking, I'm just disappointed that I missed out on seeing her.

    Shit, I'm just looking for an excellent indie (Julies is good for a regular fuck, but her girls since the Palace closed just aren't the model quality as Chloe, Talia, Inna and Samantha). Plus none of Julies girls really have the same girl friend quality as a...Brenda Love. Take that back, Inna was special, but I ain't paying no $1,200 to see her now.

    So are there any other independent providers out there that are young, beautiful and not fucked up that charge a decent rate - $$$ or $$$$? A Brenda Love type chick that you can actually get an appointment? Was dying to see Shauna, but can't get a hold of her, damn!

    So let's stop talking about J, and let's focus on other hot chicks that we won't feel guilty about fucking!