Entertaining at Home?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by drew_park, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. SpaMonger


    Being a single guy who owns a nice upscale condo in Western NJ, I occasionally bring an asian mp girl to my condo for a few hours or an overnight session. For the most part, these girls live in a apartment with 3 or 4 other friends. Normally, they always comment on how clean my condo is ( I'm a neat freak) and this seems to go a long way with them. They also enjoy a few hours away from the biz. Since I don't have a steady gf, neighbors are not a problem. For me, this arrangement is great, I can relax, have a few drinks and wait for the action to begin. However, it takes a long time for most asian mp workers to build enough trust to come to your house, but once they do, WOW... Where I live in Western NJ (near daro) there are no Asian outcalls so you must cultivate your own ps through many, many mp visits. It also helps to be kind and a gentleman at all times. Works for me.
  2. etchi ya na

    etchi ya na

    At home? Hell, no!

    Whether single, attached, or married, whether the provider was a random SW or a "classy" provider I'd used many times, I'd NEVER entertain at home. I enjoy the comfort of anonymity. It's often part of the fun of the hobby -- I get to be someone else, to play James Bond for the evening and get the girl.

    Besides, your neighbors see a lot more than you think. I live across from an old woman who can't remember what year it is, but she knows that I came home at 3:30am on Saturday, and that I had company (just friends) last week.

    I don't want to have to clean and "sanitize" my apt before a provider comes over. If I wanted to do all that work, I'd get a girlfriend.
  3. clubber


    Only problem I've ever had was with a provider I never took home (and never WOULD have taken home). If I'd listened to my instinct even more carefully, I wouldn't have had a problem at all!

    I've seen a number of providers at home, but I am single and I don't think there's a big risk. Never had anything even CLOSE to a problem with it. That means that either I'm a good judge of character or lucky - either way, I'll take it.

    I do think it's a good point to make, however, and that people need to be careful about who they invite to their home. Actually, many of the same risks would apply with bringing ANYONE home, not just a provider.
  4. Samanthofny


    wow I guess I mainly see lurkers because I frequently spend time at a clients home. I find men seem to be more at ease in their own evironment, although if your afraid of wifey walking through the door at any moment i'm sure it could put a damper on the mood......or maybe not. There are many of you out there who like to live dangerously. Perhaps the fact that I akso primarily do outcall could have somethig to do with this. Most married me na re cAREFUL, they remind us no lipstick or perfume, ND THOSE OF US WHO JUST KNOW BETTER DOEN'T RElly need to be told.

    (sorry about the yelling but i just had m6 naLIS DONE)
  5. Mr. Sinatra

    Mr. Sinatra

    What's that white stuff in the corners of her mouth you ask.....???

    Oven cleaner.
  6. pjorourke

    pjorourke Thinks he's Caesar's Wife

    Oh hi honey!
    Yes, she is from one of those naked maid services.
    Something for both of us. I get a cheap thrill, and you get the house cleaned.
    Pretty neat deal eh?
    Now put that down!!!
  7. heywood1


    Damn Betty!

    Do you do windows?
  8. Dondee

    Dondee Herbie, DDS

    Amen to that!

  9. Dondee

    Dondee Herbie, DDS


    I hope you charged him for the "maid" service....and you should have charged him double for it.
  10. teeduke


    Protecting the homefront

    Hobbyists who bring providers home know perfectly well what they're doing. They're raising the risk/thrill level a whole order of magnitude.

    It's one way to add excitement to a session.

    Fortunately, there are other, safer ways to seek greater thrills.
  11. footy3


    if you bring her to your home, have a ready excuse when caught, like that condom wrapper under the bed must have been stuck to my shoe!!
  12. elliot16

    elliot16 Gold

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Thorn. I try to be a diligent judge of character and I also make sure that anything of value either monetarily or related to my profession/identity are well hidden so that temptation is not provoked. There's no foolproof solution just limitation of risk to individual tolerance.
  13. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    there are 5 outcalls to homes ive done 3 were single men..and 2 married

    one i did to freehold..huge home..didnt see any pics of wifey or anything but i still felt a lil guilty but that feeling went away after awhile..
    did one last night and pics of wifey and cute daughter everywhere..

    to me i t hink these guys are nuts and are playing with fire but thats on them

    if u are single then i see no problem with it..hopefully the person u hire to come to your home has a lick of common sense and dresses casually or in a non obvious way

    fyi..i used to see clients at my apt, i do appreciate my bed more cuz im not shitting where i eat (if that makes sense)
  14. Thorn


    I'm not sure, given the same set of circumstances, I'd do the same. It certainly adds an additional level of care that needs to be taken. However, I know you to be an intelligent sort and well aware of this.

    And damn, many of Elliot's UTR girls are pretty.

    Its always the quiet ones you have to keep an eye on. :)
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  15. curious


    DITTO to daengman's post.

    "Another wife's bed"?!? Whose wife did you bring home???
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  16. elliot16

    elliot16 Gold

    Being single, I prefer to bring a girl who I've a seen a few times and feel comfortable with to my home and enjoy her in my bed. Most of the girls I see are UTR or are classy and understated and not flashy. Also, not a lot of neighbors to pry into my biz where I am.

    It's nice to wake up in the morning with someone after enjoying a pleasant evening together or to be able to roll over and go to sleep when she leaves. Never had a problem with this and I hope I never will.
  17. drew_park


    To set the record straight...

    I have NEVER entertained at home nor do I seriously consider it. I thought it would spark some lively commentary (and it did!)

    Heck that's why I accumulate those Priority Club points with Holiday Inn!

  18. Kimba


    Little head thinking

    Bringing a pro home is ssooooooooo stupid-neighboors,kids,mistakes and clues,unexpected "I'm home early"-and you never wanna try and pull a Joey Bishop-women are only that stupid in the movies-in real life,they are 100x smarter and more devious then men-
  19. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder


    My buddy's GF found out that he banged another girl on HIS bed and she poured all his perfume on his bed and a bunch of expensive ties she got for him.
  20. Casper


    Once I did a married woman (non pro) in her own bed. It turned me on to no end and I guess it never bothered her cause a few days later I did her on her sofa again.

    Even though I'm single I haven't wanted to ever bang a pro chick in my own bed. I prefer her place or hotel. I find it more exciting that way.