Eros LI Westbury Brazilians - Joice, Vanessa and Angela

Discussion in 'New York' started by woodmany, Feb 10, 2003.

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    thankyou for the heads up. This poster greatly appreciates it.
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    Review Westbury Long Island Brazilians 917 669-6635

    Wanting to believe that somewhere there is a great Brazilian incall around, I tried this place which was on EROS where they have Joice, Vanessa and Angela (not in town now). This crew is also from Atlanta like the Hicksville group but supposedly do not know of them.

    The good point of this is that Joice is as hot as her picture and her description is exact. I have been with hot girls before and more than not they do not perform very well.

    She asks for $$$, after asking me if I am LE. I undress and lay down on a nice sized bed where she offers oil for the massage I say "no, just take it easy". She begins giving me an "I don't care massage or rub and is virtually burning my skin" Knowing I cannot wait to play, I turn over and while she is playing with my friend I start kissing and licking her very nice breasts and she says, "it tickles, stop". I commented back with "are you kidding?". Then I stop doing that and while she is giving me the mechanical HJ, I start touching the other breast with my hand and she says No! I mention that all the no's could lead to no business.

    I tell her lets get started and I ask her to kiss my friend she says she can't because she got a tongue piercing 20 days ago and does not want an infection. By now I am pissed and she says maybe you want someone else and I say "why not?" So she send in Vanessa who was a little more full figured than I was looking for during this visit, but she is the one in her picture. I give in and she kisses my body all over and is nothing close in the looks department to Joice but much more sensual so then I ask her for BBBJ which she reluctantly agrees to and she does so with better than average technique. I finished off with with CFS.

    I made the best of a poor situation but this place does not meet the standards of the posters on this site.
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