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  1. Ms. Moore

    Ms. Moore

    Thanks for the warm welcome and heads up. The banner is added. I plan on meeting some of you guys very soon!
  2. scoochamenz1


    damn, i wish i wasn't such a broke-ass. i'd give this one a shot.
  3. April

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    Since your posting here, perhaps you should add a link to Utopiaguide.

    Personally I think all girls with websites that ad here should do this. This is mandatory on other sites.

    Just a suggestion.

    Best of luck Ms. Moore

    Welcome to UG
  4. Ms. Moore

    Ms. Moore

    On your way to work your eyes are drawn to the busty bikini model from a billboard. A few moments later as you stop at an intersection, you notice an attractively dressed young woman wearing a short skirt crossing the street.
    Later at work a friend brags about the gorgeous babe he slept with the night before. During lunch, the waitress with the short skirt and low cut top winks at you and smiles. When you get back to the office, a coworker eagerly shows you his favorite erotic image on the Internet.
    On your way home you stop at the grocery store and catch yourself gazing at the seminude models on the cover magazines at the checkout counter.
    When you finally get home, you plop down in an easy chair and flip on the TV. As you channel surf, you're exposed to more of the female anatomy than you found in your dad’s Playboys and Penthouses as a kid. From the moment we get up in the morning until we climb between the sheets at night, we're bombarded with erotic images and messages. With the high level of erotic stimulation you face on a daily basis, do you believe you can handle your lust alone? Don’t deny yourself carnal pleasure; let’s indulge in it together!
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