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  1. cnjm732


    so far not good

    Earlier i had indicated that i would try this service. i have received only one response to my emails and was unable to connect with the lady. it's not surprising, given one of the earlier comments about the providers being indie's. This provider couldn't meet on the day that i wanted because her daughter was sick and she had no one to take care of her. ah well, life goes on
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    Steve Bose

  3. Kimmie


    Hey Ezr :)

    I joined back in June. I have met some very sweet gentlemen from there, however I find I do not always get my emails. Check your settings often. Mail seems to just disappear.

    I would get emails saying I have been emailing you why havent you replied..Only to discover my settings for receiving emails had some how reset!

    Good luck :)
  4. cnjm732


    escorts reply

    Hi guys, this is my first post. first , thanks for all who contribute, the information is really helpful and as i get the chance to meet some of the providers, i will let you know how things turn out.
    now to the topic at hand, i have just joined and sent out several emails and have just received my first response. i'm in the process of setting a date, time and place and will let you know if this works.
  5. njexotics


    We actually became members of this board about 2 years ago before they were even online. It took some serious time but when they came out they were toting themselves as the best thing since sliced bread.

    What I have found from this board is that for the client there is slim chance of getting the girl you want when you want them. 99.9% of them are indies, and as you all know trying to schedule with an indie can sometimes be a nightmare. We have had many customers call us on our ad telling tales of no-shows and no replys.

    We have found that many of the indies who want to cross over to an agency go there first. We receive more calls and email from them for emplyment reasons than we do from our newspaper ads.

    In short, is in its infancy. With time I am sure they will become something big. Just the domain alone is enough to drive traffic to them.

    My suggestion: Join It is free and there are some really cute, new local girls on there all of the time. Just get them fast!
  6. Ezrlove



    Anyone have any success with this web sight? Its free to become a member. I have sent out a few messages but have not got any responses.