Ever meet a provider who was a friend of the family??/

Discussion in 'New York' started by tuchis, Oct 8, 2001.

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  1. Troutman

    Troutman Paste


    Now THAT has to be TRUE!
  2. nycguy1967


    no, It's true . . .

    She was my social sciences teacher in high school.

    And one day, after what must have been an extremely late night at the strip club for her, she had forgotten to take her tassels off and we could all see them through her blouse!!!

    Swear to G-d!!
  3. Troutman

    Troutman Paste


    No matter. I've always taken most internet truth "Cun granis salis." At least it was entertaining. Why stop? How about the high school teacher that danced on the side to make her Lexus payments? Anyone?

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  4. fumpton


    I thought this was the Bible studies discussion board!
  5. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    make believe

    What this is a site for posting true comments!!! I am shocked... all the things I've read... my god... people are actually doing this!!!
  6. jras


    et tu tuchis?

    deceit is rarely harmless.
    I hope your presentation sucks ...
  7. Phantom



    How can you be sure that the stories related in this thread by other UG members are in fact true?

    The guys who post here are all fine, upstanding citizens. They would never think of doing anything illegal.

    Also most of the UG members are graduates of the Creative School for Writers. They might spend years developing their witing skills before coming to such a site as UG to show those skills off. Nothing posted on this site is true, we're all making it up.
  8. Slinky Bender

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    I am lying right now.
  9. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Re: true confession

    Liar, Liar! Pants on fire!
  10. Thorn



    You know, I'm going to hope that the gents felt good about telling their stories, and are glad that the telling is going to do someone some good while causing no harm.

    That's what I am going to hope.

    [Unless you are pulling our legs now and I am the only dope who crossed the door jame with the water bucket perched on the top sill.]
  11. tuchis


    true confession

    Well, I guess its time to own up to the facts.
    The whole story of meeting a friend of the family was made up in order to get reactions from the other members.
    I am researching for a paper to be presented and wanted to get some facts correctly. This way to draw out some reactions.
    I knew I had to make up some facts and therefore wanted to make sure that whatever names I used did not really exist, so I searched for names on this and other sites.
    I am sorry for leading everybody on, but no harm was done.
  12. crowe


    How about if one became a friend of the family? In my 'hood, I used to hang around with this really cool woman, maybe ten years younger than me. No fooling around, our electric blankets were turned down to "just pals." Then I fell into this game, and while reading JAG I read several reviews about a woman who, albeit more expensive than the rest, was rocking several members - she got raves. I wanted to meet her. Then I realized I had.

    This was my pal they were fighting over. Of course, I had no evidence, but I found her ad and called her. Suspicions confirmed. Later, in talking to one of her fans, it was seconded.

    I never let on. Always remained one of those people in the 'hood she could always hang out with. We kept each other abreast of our lives. Laughed a lot. Got drunk once and kicked out of some glam, celebrity packed restaraunt. (Overpriced and all fluff, anyway.) She had a wicked sense of humor, never hesitated to use it, either. The reason for our dismissal. Seems she thought the Huge Television Star using his recent fame in order to hit on her was an arrogant, talentless one trick pony - two years away from co-starring roles in straight to video action flicks and five from being a guest on an Oprah's 'where are they now?' special. And proceded to tell him exactly that. I seem to remember his publicist calling me a faggot, as we were pulled out. So much for Hollywood's sense of political correctness.

    Then one day, she up and disappeared.

    Five or six years later I'm in LA putting a g/f on a flight to NY. I hear my name called out, I turn. There she is breaking through the crowd. We embrace, we kiss, we catch up. I introduce her to the g/f du jour. She introduces me to her husband, a successful professional - and her age. They seemed clearly in love.

    So far I've been to their place for dinner, and they've been here. I have a hunch how they met. But I'm not about to investigate it. Who am I to question kismet. And good for them.

    She was almost right about the actor - he's now relegated to guest apperances on that palp the Universal Network produces and some anonymous cable channel I pass on the way to BBCNews.
  13. zoulou


    I agree with that Spaniards are great fun. I have to post some reviews of my last trip near San Sebastian.

    As for the girl in my office I try NOT to thing of her in play terms.
  14. ROYAL


    Is the other Barcelona chick in your office a Hottie?
    I recently came back from Barcelona and Ibiza and I have to say the women in Spain are HOT!
  15. zoulou


    Re: zoulou - would you say you were PRIVELEGE'd to meet her...

    That's the place - I have only been there once so can't say but it was also very quiet that night. Laps were with some contact with evrery dancers,
  16. tomatch


    zoulou - would you say you were PRIVELEGE'd to meet her...

    if so you must be one of the lucky ones. If it is the place I'm referring to I've heard that the laps there are all air. I checked it out a while ago and it was dead - tho there were some lookers there. Recently I've heard the club has gotten hotter but the ld's were still lame. Maybe this has changed - and it seems that with the thread in Strippers on Dumbarton's - and that with the final days of Rudy and LE otherwise occupied on natl. security things are loosening up a bit. This response probably belongs in "Strippers" but while I'm here I used to know a dancer at Privelege who went by Angel. Saw her again recentlyat Scandals in Qns. as Caroline. She is hot!! Anyone have any info. on her?

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  17. zoulou


    I was practically the only customer on a monday late night at a strip club on 23d. This agressive dancer ended up lap-dancing the whole night for me she wasn't the prettiest but after the first dance I was hooked. She was from Barcelona Spain and we exchanged numbers before I left. A week later we met and spend some quality time.

    Only later did I find out that she was the roomate of another girl from Barcelona who worked in my office...

    No need to say this was very very embarrassing...since I no longer go to strip clubs!
  18. Ozzy


    "A Lady's Right to Privacy! "


    thats funny coming from you.
  19. jras


    "the way a normal adult would have"

    Wrong board -- no normal people here, thankfully...
  20. GreenDot9

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    Hey MrNY, you are like totally confused!!

    Hey NewYawker: You are obviously confused, seeing how we have never met. But since you have now admitted how much you love getting BJ's from another guy, maybe you should check the personal ads in alt.homo

    (since by your OWN ADMISSION) you dig men!!