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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by nj george, Jul 9, 2001.

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  1. HornDogBuddah


    RnB, my Syracuse University buddies taught me that it was Ziggie Zuggie, Ziggie Zuggie Oy Oy Oy.
  2. robnotbob


    It's on Comedy Central

    Skiggy-suggy, skiggy-suggy oy, oy, oy
  3. ScottieDS


    A good show for eye candy and mindless male humor is the Man Show (appropriately named). I don't recall what cable channel it's on, it might be FX.

    If you've never seen it, I suggest it. To give you a flavor for it, every show ends with hot babes, with big breasts, and short skirts, jumping on trampolines during the credits.

    Thinking about the past, I miss Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke.

  4. Monk


    I don't like the show, but I always thought Leah Remini on "King of Queens" was hot. Those motor oil commercials she's doing are awful, though. Also Kristen Johnson on 3rd Rock (no more) -- I saw her perform at the New York Shakespeare Festival a few years ago and she's even hotter live (isn't everyone?). And all the chicks on VIP -- if the scripts weren't so bad, I could actually watch the show. But I guess that's not the point...
  5. jras


    dynamic duos

    Fantasy combos:

    Slinky's first 2 choices knock me out -- Aisha and Anne together, caramel heaven!

    Ok, I'm a little buzzed but how 'bout

    Carmen Electra and Janine?

    J.Lo and Janet Jackson?

    Raquel Welch and Martha Stewart?

  6. thelastone


    This is Kristin Davis. Her characters name is Charlotte York. Actually her last name is now York-MacDougal since she married that Trey guy (Kyle MacLachlan). She works (or used to work, if you saw the last episode) in an art gallery. This might attribute to the museum-librarian type impression. The glasses are a rare occurrence. She is the elegant more "lady-like" of the bunch. She dresses in more of a classic fashion than the rest of them.

    yes I watch this show way too much. I am quite addicted.

    I must agree with you on Aisha. She has rather grown on me. Her goofy lines kinda threw me off for a while, but the more and more I watch her, the more and more I start wondering, why don't they show the bottom half of her? For all I know, she could have hips wider than montana. Lets hope not.


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  7. Othello


    All this time I was a bit defensive because I thought I wasn't watching enough quality television! A good Sunday night for me starts with "Xena, the Warrior Princess". I like both Xena and Gabrielle. Later, I'll watch "Sex in the City". I like all the women on that show but recently; the brunette has especially turned me on. I think her name is Amanda. She seems like the "intellectual-museum-librarian type". I can only imagine what it would be like to "take off her glasses…" I'll later switch over to "La Femme Nikita". I've been a Pita Wilson fan for quite some time. All I'll say is "baby, before you shoot me, love me like its my last time!" Once in a while Howard Stern will have an interesting woman on his show. I recently saw a "Heather-Nicole". This prompted me to search the Internet. I simply had to see more of her 39-year-old body. It looked good but I would really need an on-site visit to examine the texture. I'm really beginning to wonder where my "relationships" with Aisha Tyler of "Talk Soup" and Brooke Burke of "Wild On…" are headed. Most evenings, I'm sitting there in my smoking jacket with these ladies, listening to them talk, waiting for them to ravage me but all they do is talk. Sometimes I'll even show a little "chest fuzz" but THEY DON'T SEEM TO NOTICE! If nothing happens soon, I may have to change ladies, errrh, channels.

    Best regards,

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  8. nj george

    nj george

    yeah mercy!

    i always thought that pita wilson was BORN to wear chic leather *swoons* i started watching the show just for her, but then foundout i LIKED the show for what it was.

    how about the fashoin channel?

    i like the charmed idea, hot sexy witches ae a turn on!
  9. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    jmp, Kristin Davis has been a favorite of mine since she played Billy's girlfriend on Melrose Place. I almost cried when she killed herself. I also thought she looked hot on Seinfeld in the show where the toothbrush fell in the toilet.
  10. Candide


    You are funny! And I admire your style :)

    I think I prefer You for my numero uno role model because...hey...not only are you real, (and Gabby and definitely Xena are so unreal), but you consistently set a fine example of a fine human being on a board dedicated to a tough area in this life. Thank you , lady, for a wonderful display of true panache :)
  11. mercydancer


  12. LIDAWN



    please email me at your leisure with your number.. thanks

  13. Candide


    Right on Bill Furniture....a discerning man....and thanks for helping me with my spelling :)

    Slinky...Alex Kingston! You have good taste. She is an excellent actress. She played Moll Flanders on PBS and I was in awe of the acting prowess that lady has. Unfortunately for me I cannot appreciate how hot she is - but I do think Clive Owen, her co-star in Croupier is HOT :)
  14. jmp


    I've been unable to watch Xena since an incident a few years ago. I was working on a project in the West Village, and we needed to have a meeting after finishing up late one night. We decided to have it somewhere we could have a few beers.

    So, we walked into the first place we saw, which happened to be Henrietta's. It was Xena night. I've never experienced a room full of so many lesbians who were so butch, and so openly hostlile when a few men walked in. I'm sure some of the people here would've been into it, but it wasn't my scene. (Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that Mercy was there that night.)

    As for tv eye candy, I was partial to Lea Thompson back when Caroline in the City was on. Angie Harmon never did it for me in quite the way Carrie Lowell did, and neither of them held a candle to Jill Hennesey (who'll be back on the tube this fall). On Sex in the City, I prefer Kristin Davis, but that's just my preference for brunettes coming through.

    Of course, nothing beats working at a summer theatre, with lots of young talent trying to "make it." The trick is to work at one in a state where the 17 year olds aren't off limits for legal reasons. Of course, I wasn't too far from 17 when I was there myself.
  15. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I always liked Gabrielle better than Xena.
  16. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    i think.......

    I thnk that our APM is watching WAY too much tv...

    but, on E - Wild on Xxxxx (whatever) gets me goin'
  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I like Aisha Tyler on Talk Soup.

    I like Anne Curry on the Today Show.

    I like Wendy Malick on Just Shoot Me.

    I like Kim Catrall on Sex in the City.

    I like Alex Kingston on ER ( who had nude scenes in Croupier and Essex Boys recently, and I thought she looked hot ).

    I like Angie Harmon on Law & Order ( not anymore ).

    And Megan Mullally on Will and Grace would be the ultimate "Julie's Girl".
  18. woodman


    Well here is a different one. Got to say my favorite is Anabelle from "Dinner and a Movie". Been watching for years just to drool over her during the commercial breaks. Really like when cooking with wine she gets a buzz on the show.
  19. JackStraw


    Mercy - I like your taste in women :). If you can figure out a way to line her up, let me know I'd love to join in.
  20. Candide


    Xena (Warrior Princess) has been my hero for a long time :)

    But my true role model is Grabiel, the one who started out with the literary brains and wound up becoming buffed, strong and independent as well :)