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    Advertised in women seeking men


    pix are her, the one from doggie position is what drew me in.

    Her ad says 21, so the deciphering would normally say she's 31, but i certainly buy that she's in her early or mid 20s.

    Quoted me 120 HH with bbj so i went to woodbury to a middle of the line motel.

    She was shy or nervous (or both?) but friendly. Short, tatted PAWG (i wouldnt put her quite into bbw category, she's more a normal sized girl with a big honkin butt). She washed herself off with a washcloth in the sink in front of me after letting me in, mixing in cute little hip jiggles to make it seem like a washoff?(every time there's SOMETHING you've never seen before) I figured what the heck maybe this is her thing and did the same. She gave junior a once-over and commenced suction. Nice BBJ, and it seemed to break the nervous tension. Maybe she wasnt sure i wasn't LE until Zoos II was in her mouth. her smile became genuine instead of forced and we had some small talk in between sucks (to me this makes her not a clock watcher). I like friendly chat, so that's a plus to me but i understand it might be a minus for others. I ain't here to judge you. She lets you roam but no fingers inside (aww). I asked for DATY half expecting a no or an upsell but it was indeed on the menu and part of the admission fee. "I might smell like soap," she warned, possibly forgetting i'd seen her wash it 10 minutes ago.

    Started off lukewarm but then really got into DATY. Whole body spasms and thrusting her pelvic region into my face. she didnt squirt but i'd give it even money that if you just went at it for half an hour she would. definitely wet enough to require no lube.

    CFS you-pick positions. Like i said doggie photo brought me there so doggie it was. Tight but wet, who can complain. Busted one out and went on my merry way having saved her number and making sure she saved mine.

    main knock against her, she didnt take off her shirt... i didnt specifically ask though. Her playful attitude, once you got past the initial nerves, was her biggest plus. She reminded me very much of "tempting miss tiffany" a girl who used to come around more frequently with a MA phone number (and who i always go see if i'm in her neighborhood) that maybe some of you know.

    Body 6-9 depending your preferences. PAWG in her 20s with tats.
    Face at least 8. to me almost a 10 face but it's really subjective.
    Attitude at first 5 then warmed up to a 9.
    Performance i'll start with 8 then ding her half a point for the shirt on thing. Again i didnt ask (i will next time, i'm sure her boobs are nice. Because all boobs on a 20something are nice.) so 7.5

    Damage 120 HH BBJ CFS no rush.

    Will repeat. she said she has had really bad business in woodbury so she might move from there soon. treat her nice, in my book she's a keeper.

    thx for reading!