"Fat " Providers..

Discussion in 'New York' started by Kimmie, Dec 11, 2001.

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  1. littleguy

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    First of all, welcome to UG.

    You will notice from the various threads there is a great variety of interested parties here on UG. Pretty much spans the entire range of consumers (men) and service providers (women).

    Given that, there are some that are particularly blunt, and there are some that will dance around without saying anything. Most, of course, fall somewhere in between.

    One example, as you've already seen in this thread, is there are some ladies who are offended by talk of "prostitutes and johns". There are others that have no problem with calling a spade a spade.

    Problems inherent in a place with such a wide range of men and women in the "hobby" are that inevitably someone becomes offended by something and nobody can agree on what's polite or not, or even what's "negative" or not.

    For example, you said "it's very rude and impolite to say anything "negative" about anyone". Keep in mind that you are from the "supply side".

    Others here, from the consumer's point of view might say it's rather offensive to pay $150 per hour and (sometimes way) up and get poor service in return. That would almost certainly (I hope) result in what you apparently consider to be a "negative" comment. OTOH, there are many of us (consumers) that crave that information and it is a large part of the reason why we are here at all.

    Quite a conundrum, no ?
  2. justme

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    No one ever has to say anything on the subject of romance and prostitution again.

    Nicole, it's not that people are saying anything bad about you (how could they when they don't know you?), it's that they are criticizing your product (which, of course, happens to be something remarkably similar to you). Any proprietor has to be able to deal with people criticizing their product. Hell, any worker has to be able to deal with this, too (unless they work for the government - heh). But now I'm just repeating myself.
  3. skagen


    if commerialism is sucha bore, how come that anti-commercial philosophy isn't reflected in your rates? :)

    Seriously though, I'm all for inner spiritual beauty but by definition, that very spirit would be violated by the act of selling it for money.
  4. nicoleoneil


    I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd add my two cents...thank you very much. :>

    I think firstly...it's very rude and impolite to say anything negative about anyone. Actually....momma alway's said..."don't have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all." And that's really true.

    Beauty is a state of being and it's in the way a woman smells, moves, smiles, her atmosphere. Those Lane Bryant supermodels are surely not complaining. They have the bucks and they can get "f---ed" just like the best of us...actually probably doing a hell of a lot better than that.

    Come on guy's...tap into your inner beauty! Commercialism is a bore mon, variety is the spice that's nice. Peace. Nicole Oneil
  5. Candide


    Kimmie - you go girl!

    ".. You can be the sexiest man or woman alive and still be ugly...inside. " Oh that is so true - and ugly insides are no fun at all.

    "Thats all I have to say on this matter. I wont allow comments by people I dont know, and never will know, bother me. " Smart girl!

    "I love who and what I am. A sexy, full figured, female yankee fan who can suck the chrome off a bumper.. =)~~ " Well, then you are one hell of a valuable woman. And all you need in this world is to know that and everything will fall into place for you...gorgeous. :)

    Lets Go Kimmie..in 2002

    Candie - That "fat cocks" comment had me rolling on the floor - touche girl!
  6. jgd



    You sound like my type of woman. I love a woman you has some meat on thier bones and a great sense of humor. Looking forward to meeting you at the party, if you do decide to show up.
  7. mercydancer


    Re: Too Cheater.

  8. ew

    ew Silver

    I'm a big Tino fan also.

    Chuck's gone also so Tino doesn't need to save his ass anymore.

    It was time for a change and the Yankees have always made changes in the past when they needed to.

    I think Tino has an overinflated sense of what he is worth. He is asking for too much for too long.
  9. Geezy Muldoon

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    My comments were certainly not intended to be upsetting. Nothing to do with you as a person at all. I frankly don't have the foggiest notion of what providers are really like as persons when they are not engaged in commercial sex with me.*

    Only buying a setting within which to have an experience. Gives me no rights whatsover to pass judgment on who they are as persons, and my comments are never intended to do so. Merely expressing preferences and observations on the nature of commercial sex.

    *Well, sometimes it becomes kind of obvious after a while in which case I am able to develop quite definite impressions on who the woman really is. I usually keep such impressions to myself.
  10. Cheater



    God, I love that movie. "It goes to 11"
  11. Thorn


    Too Cheater.

    "Big Bottom" Double bass line.

    "Big bottom. Big bottom."
    "Talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em"
    "Big bottom drive me out of my mind"
    "How can I leave this behind?"

    :) OK, so I am into 'mockumentries'. I liked "The Rutles" too. :)
  12. justlooking


    Kimmie, with all due respect, providers and consumers are in completely different positions on this issue. The johns aren't selling their sexuality. Providers are. And the johns are buying it from the providers.

    You really ought to reread justme's post again. I think you're doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you take any of this personally.
  13. Kimmie


    Class cant be taught.. You are either born with it, or you have parents who raise you to respect others, by example.

    Look in the mirror before you say anything deragatory about someone. Are you perfect? Are your teeth straight? Your tummy flat, your head full of hair? Even if it is.. You can be the sexiest man or woman alive and still be ugly...inside.

    Thats all I have to say on this matter. I wont allow comments by people I dont know, and never will know, bother me.

    I love who and what I am. A sexy, full figured, female yankee fan who can suck the chrome off a bumper.. =)~~

    Happy Holidays

    Lets Go Yankees..in 2002
  14. lapdancefan


    Good grief Yankee fans. Replacing Tino with Giambi improves your team substantially. This reminds me of all the tears shed over the David Wells (an appropriate name to be mentioned in a thread about "fat" providers) for Roger Clemens deal. I told my Yankee loving friends then they had gotten a great deal. And they have. Clemens has come through as only he can, and he'll be doing it long after Wells has retired to the Dunkin Donuts shop.

    And Tino sure would be a substantial improvement over Todd Zeile!

    Let's go Mets!
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  15. SkellyChamp



    That's a good one
  16. sharked


    i kinda felt the same way when donnie baseball came to an end.
    Giambi has some big shoes to fill......
    Hope he can handle it in NYC.
  17. Kimmie



    I know Giambi gives the Yankees a stronger line up, and offensive power beyond belief..
    But DAMMIT where is the loyalty to Tino???????????? :(

    Why cant we keep Tino at first and just use Giambis bat?
    Tino is a awesome first baseman. How many times did he save Knobbys azz two seasons ago? He was robbed of the Golden Glove, he gets no dayem respect!

    Lets Go Yankees..in 2002
  18. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Kimmee do not be so sad, with the Yankees revised lineup- they are now stronger everywhere, now maybe they can sign Boomer and everything will be complete!
  19. Kimmie



    Giambi is a Yankee :(

    Lets Go Yankees..in 2002
    Bye Tino :(
  20. mercydancer


    Jcouldn't agree with you more.
    Those of you guys that have seen my girlfriend Ronnie know that she is not a small girl. She is quite big in all the right places and yet very small looking. But the girl makes more money than I can even think of. Why? Because she has one of the most bubbly,exciting personalities ever.THAT'S WHAT COUNTS!!!!

    If you're just looking for a hole then any hole anywhere on anyone will do. But if you're looking for a session that when you leaave you're still having fun then it doesn't matter if the girl is skinny,fat or anywhere in between. Let's not forget that its all about having fun.

    The only thing you take with you when you die is all the fun you had.