Feds Bust 66 in Raids on Alleged Mexican Prostitution Ring

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Smoke&Mirrors, May 5, 2006.

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  1. petehanse


    Yes such a shame right on Cinco De Mayo!

    Gee......I thought the Mexicans shot guns in the air, drank beer and got LAID on Cinco de Mayo ........oh well guess I was wrong LOL
  2. peanut


    Just our luck. I'd love to find a brothel full of latinas in NJ!
  3. clubber5505


    In favor of a guest provider program myself!
  4. daengman


    Don't these feds know that their boss is in favor of a guest worker program.

    Everyone on this board should write their senator and congressman and tell them to support the guest worker program. Tell them you are a constituant, a voter and desperately in need of cheap mexican and south american poontang.
  5. elmaster


    Right on Cinco de Mayo, have these people no heart?
  6. Smoke&Mirrors

    Smoke&Mirrors banned

    NEWARK, N.J. — Federal agents rounded up 66 people Monday in a series of raids described by officials as smashing a ring that smuggled Mexicans into the United States and may have forced women to work as prostitutes.

    Officers with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided 15 locations in New Jersey and New York early Monday after New Jersey State Police pulled over two vehicles containing at least 10 women who had been working in brothels in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, said Kyle Hutchins, special agent in charge of the bureau's Newark office.

    None of the alleged prostitution took place in New Jersey, authorities said. Rather, when their weekly or monthly shifts in Washington-area brothels were finished, the women would be driven to northern New Jersey and New York, Hutchins said.

    Thirty-six women and 30 men were taken into custody, Hutchins said. Two were charged with illegal money transfer and the rest were being held on immigration charges alleging they were in this country illegally, he said.

    It was at least the third major immigrant smuggling ring believed to be operating in New Jersey in recent years.