Feed It First (new poem)

Discussion in 'Texas' started by FoxyChristle, May 22, 2001.

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  1. littleguy

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    Haven't seen my girl from Philly in over 2 weeks.

    Sure wish I was that table. Hahahahahahahaha
  2. FoxyChristle


    Feed It First (a new poem)

    Feed It First

    Your heart can do nothing but the worst,
    Unless, of course, you feed it first...
    Not caviar, or fine french wine,
    But friendship first, mixed with some time;
    And let us not forget the rest -
    Deal all with kindness and you will get the best.
    Worry not, dear one, please do not fret...
    If it turns out for naught, do not regret;
    Regret has a way of eating the soul,
    Of killing the embers till they grow cold.
    Does your heart feel the need to be afraid?
    Be still your heart; the table is laid.

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