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  1. Blackbeard


    The only one I've been to is the one that happens every other Friday. It's the party that you respond to by writing back, not the party that requires you to call some number.

    There is a thread in this section about it that describes it thoroughly.

    Go to the party, tell the big guy at the door that's in charge that you're Blackbeard's buddy, and maybe you'll get a discount on the cover.

    Have fun.
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  2. vermeer


    I keep seeing ads on CL for foot parties. I would like to go and get my hands on some fine white bitches. Theese foot floozies appear to be a higher caliber of hoor than the traditional semen swilling variety.

    Dear comrades, my questions is which is the real deal? there appear to be 3 or 4 of these jamboreees happeniong at once. my jigaboo friend, jjhunsecker is being a selfish porchmonkey and withholding this information, as if it were the last watermellon on earth.

    please help an elderly, WW2 veteran fulfill his wish and get his aging cock rubbed by some white feet. ideally, white mormon feet.

    all details will be greatly appreciated.

    god bless you

    jesus loves you