Fiddle,Mermaids, and Gallagers

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  2. Ter164


    I ve been to Gallaghers, and have spoken to girls that I knew from other clubs and know of people who experienced the CR, their isnt much else happening in there then what you get up stairs...... The CR is actually in the corner of the bar near the secondary stage by the DJ booth. All it is a curtain that pulls over you everyone can still clearly see whats happening in the bar...........
  3. Ozzy


    Fiddle & Bow has $1 topless LD's in the back room. They are very low mileage.... but for a buck you can't go wrong.

    Mermaids has about the same selection but no LD's.
  4. yanni


    I stopped by Gallaghers on Friday night as well. I ended up chatting with a brunette who's name escapes me. The only thing I do remember was that she was Italian and trashed by 11:30. She quoted $160 for the CR and I could do "anything". I didn't go for it. Therev was one Siberian dancer there who I got a LD from, her name I think was Della (sp). Mileage was about a 6, ended up getting 3 LDs. She is siberian but looks asian, she was about a 7.

    Anyone have any info to share about the CR @ G2K?
  5. salomon


    My friend and I did some Queens club hopping last night. First stop was Fiddle & Bow around 10:00pm. First time there. No cover for the bikini bar out front $5 for the topless back room. Very laid back friendly staff. 7 or 8 Brazilian girls and about the same number of patrons. No one was in the back room. Fell in love with Daniella, an adorable tiny but curvy dark Brazilian who spoke little English. An extremely hot little body. She said it was her first night and she only works in the front room. Bought her some drinks. Very sweet innocent girl, as far as I could tell.

    We got to Mermaids around 11:30. No cover. Again, first time there. There were about 8 girls. 1 American Blond, 1 Dominican, and the rest were Brazilian. Very impressed with the quality. It was fairly crowded. Talked to Lila, an absolute knockout Brazilian. Thin, great ass, small breasts. Just watching her Samba was one of the great thrills of my life. I asked her about the private room I’d read about. She told me there is no room and that a lot of guys have been asking about it.

    Maybe because we were obvious first timers, but Fiddle and Mermaids both seemed to be strictly bikini/hostess bars. No laps, No extras. It was very frustrating. All the patrons were regulars. Does being a regular open any doors at these places?

    After getting sufficiently worked up we needed atleast to get some LDs. We headed to Gallagers. It was perfectly fine but after being surrounded by lovely Brazilians, the usual Russian and eastern European dancers were just a let down. One interesting note however, as we were leaving, a dancer mentioned that there’s a private room that’s $30 for 1/2 hour. The dancer’s fee is negotiable. Might be worth checking out after I get these Brazilians out of my head.
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    I've been to Gallagher's a few time at night, and the LDs were OK by mainstream standards, but nothing to make you forget the Harmony. At night, a bouncer sits up there and makes sure nobody gets too carried away. Based on some reports, I tried it yesterday afternoon, and it makes a difference. There are less girls there than at night (there was about 12), and they may not be as hot as the night crew, but I had 3 dances from 3 different dancers, and they were much more accomodating that the night shift ladies can be . YMMV, but I had the best daytime fun since Rudy went nuts in 98, and closed down Church St.
    If you're off in the afternoon, I recommend a trip to Gallaghers