Firenze, Italy 20yo girl beautiful Japanese, sexyCORPOtel 011 39 3347046677

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    VIA del Romito1D goes here. Not the corner.!1s3AjXsGHN_8dAterLVEqnIw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    I was in Florence, so was looking up stuff. Seems like Florence is a small town. Not much on Backpage/Cracker. Found this one . Under massage. Called them. They spoke, to my ears, perfect italian, very little english. Called them when I was there, on the corner, she opened door and peeked out and waved me in. Did not expect a 20yr old japanese girl. Chinese lady about 30 years old or younger, little chubby or athletic build, not skinny, about 5'3" and 120Lb. big B cup, about 7 in face when smiling, body about 6. Was in a black dress. Massage parlor seems to have multiple rooms, but I only saw the first one. There is small bed/massage table with paper cover and a full sized tub/jacuzzi with jets. Massage was 50Euro for an hour, I assume. Then also extra was expected upfront for HJ and play with her front, which was another 50 Euro. Total 100 Euro. She kept asking me to do a 4 hands or more. Didnt hear anyone else, but there might have been more in backrooms, but I didnt have the money, and I dont think it can be much better with more people, unless your dreaming.

    We basically spoke through her phone, Google chinese <-> english translator, since she only spoke italian and chinese. Some oil was used. backrub was not too bad, would have liked it harder and more therapeutic. Shoulders/upper back/lower back, then some slapping, multiple times in a checking off list order. Later she kinda kneaded my legs, dunno why she didnt do it with the back also. Typical chinese string music played in the background. ST was kinda weird, not that soft. She poured a lot of oil down my crack and fondled my balls and ran her hand constantly up and down my crack. On turn over, she asked me to kiss my nipples, which I agreed to, she only did it once, was weird and awkward via the phone. She pulled off her bra, pulled down the top, later pulled down her panties and up her dress. Giving me access to play with. Lotta oil for HJ. Once I busted, she pulled a lot of the paper cover to sop off the mess. Then after she cleaned her hands, she washed me at the bathtub, standing up. Lotta liquid soap. Dryed, dressed and left. Was offered water and caramel before I left.
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