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  1. doubledown1


    The name of the song is "chin gu ya" which roughly translates as "Oh my friend". I havent been able to find a link sadly:

    Gu mun (hold the "n" sound) (goo-moon)
    ha nu re so cham chaga (ha-noo-ray-so-chahm-chahga)
    chu au gun (hold the "n" sound). (choo-ow-goon)

    For those of you who see K-girls, ask them to teach you the melody. then give them a hug. Whatever questioning of your masculinity you might do internally for trying this, it will be dispelled pretty quick by the results. My experience has been, the more jaded the k-girl, the more they actually respond to something like this, as it completely catches them off-guard.

    Anyone finds the tune to post, kudos!
  2. tits$ass


    It must be China Girl, "My little China Girl ........."
  3. CarmineS


    I'm guessing singing "Me Chinese, me play joke, I make pee-pee in your Coke" wouldn't work at a Chinese AMP.

    Great post doubledown, very informative.
  4. ecpaul


    Excellent advice I may try that. Anyway you can post a link to that Korean song you mentioned. :D
  5. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    I can't pass this one up.

    Ok, Mr. Bones, Where can I get a few Korean bars?
  6. doubledown1


    Long time, first time, thanks to the gents who make it possible.

    As a longtime Suffolk ampvet, (mostly K type) I always read about poor guys who let a session end with "more next time". Here's how that never happened to me. Obviously much of this will be redundant, but its good to review anyway.

    1. Never let them know you are there for the first time. Spinning the "sunny" or "happy" roulette wheel in hopes of pinning a name is the fastest way to get "more next time". You must walk in like you have absolutely been there before. When they ask who you've seen, say "honey, Ive seen so many, I cant even keep track" Also, when they ask when you were there, you say 6 weeks ago.

    2. Tell them "you want an hour again" and hold out $.80. They will return the sawbuck or two without you having to reveal you didnt know the house fee.

    3. If you know you are with a new girl, make up a name at that point of someone you saw many months earlier, u have established yourself now.

    4. Just like consumer reports says to buy a car, dont bargain down from the sticker, go up from the invoice. 5 jacks go in your watch, ready to answer her question with. When it comes after the flip point to it and say "everything". You now offered probably .4 less the standard.

    5. Understand at this point that you have already been the smoothest mofo you can be. Just like picking up a bitch in a bar, what you say matters, so why would you think it doesnt matter here?

    6. This is the freebie. I happen to know a simple korean song, just a few bars. I sing it during the rub, and EVERY TIME she asks how do I know it, i tell her I have a friend, she'll sing it with you, roaming ensues, and its over. Probably with 50 different Kgirls if I could count. Now when the flip comes, I point to the roses, if she says not enough, I smile and say "I understand", put the roses away, and SAY NOTHING.

    I am 50 for 50.

    Thanks for all the tips