First Spa Experience (heaven is a spa)

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    Thanks J.


    Leave a nice tip............................. "Strong"
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    When they are outside the country they learn "Western Union, send money"

    Once they are in they learn to say "You so Strong"

    But really, that was a nice review.
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    biggod The Rifleman

    Sometime it refer to how far you can shoot your load. I had it said to me when I shot my load and it hit her in the face and she was standing up that was a funny at the time.
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    In your case, she was referring to your ability to last longer before climaxing. The current girl that I'm seeing said the same thing to me. Korean girls prefer guys with endurance as opposed to the easy comers.
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    UG was down last night so I could'nt research on where to go with a buddy of mine. He suggested Heaven is a Spa (route 46)
    just east of Teterboro. My friends knowledge as a hobbyist is very limited as he had only been to this spa once before but nevertheless his Spa Experience was more than what i had, none.

    This place is very big and clean. Almost like a Gym atmosphere (without the workout). As you arive you get a locker key with a number on it. No $ is mentioned or asked of you. You are led past a customer lounge where some guys were hanging out watching TV (nice setup) into the locker room where you undress, grab a towel, robe & slippers. From there you go into a HUGE shower, steam, sauna, whirlpool area all of which are very impresive and clean. There are 3 Saunas, 3 Steamrooms & 2 Hot Tubs. I showered, hit the sauna & steamroom for about 30 minutes. From there I went back out to the waiting room where My buddy and I were led to our individual (clarifying just in case to avert the homo jokes) private rooms by the mamasan. "Sandy" walked in disrobed me and asked me to lie face down. She asked Hard or Soft, I replied hard and she started on a fantastic massage (note: I have always associated the use of the word "Fantastic" with shilling on this board, but I give my word that this is not a shill.) She placed a sheet over me and started to give me the massage. I told her the sheet wasn't needed and she lost it. It was a great massage including a little walking on my back. I think this lasted for about 40 minutes. Occasionally she "brushed" up on my sack and giggled. I grabbed her ass a couple of times and she also giggled. I asked her were she was from and how long she had been in the states. She replied Korea and four months. Her english was very bad or so it seemed. On the flip I asked her to disrobe and she giggled again and acted as if she didn't understand. I tried two more times all with the same response. She kept asking "You O.K.?" throughout the session. When she got to Mr. Happy she asked again and I smiled back at her. She got some lotion and proceeded to give me a pretty good H.R. When I "blew" she said "Strong" which made me laugh my ass off. (WTF does "Strong" mean at that point in time, Big cock? not me. Nice Load? I don't know. It was just very funny at the time. She cleaned me up and sat me up. She then gave me a great neck and shoulder massage for the remaining time.
    Afterwards I went back into the shower, steam & sauna for about another 1/2 hour. Overall time spent was 2 hours.

    When you leave the guy in charge collects the fee and calls out the girls to say bye to you. This is when you are supposed to tip them.

    Note: My friends girl was "Suzy" She was a lot hotter than "Sandy". My friend did say he was there once before when we walked in and I got the feeling that my girl is the standard girl for first timers. My friend confirmed that he had gotten assigned "Sandy" the first time he went there.
    I got the feeling that "Suzy" would be up for more extras, but my friend did not try to get any.

    She was 5'4" 130lbs probably mid to late 20's, nice face O.K body. About a 5-6 on a scale of 10.
    60 for the house 40 for Sandy.

    I will return and look for extras.

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