First time at Episodes...

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by JohnJ, Jun 22, 2001.

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    Same message for over 6 mos, whats up with that?
  2. Rustydog


    Great old times at the episode.

    I just had to bring this old thread back out.
    Tell us about your first time there or your best or worst experience.

    By the way, they have a new message out.
    See Ya there!!!
  3. robnotbob


    I think rufus' reply would be (as it is mine) that it WASN'T on a board like this...I would assume thru backchannels.
  4. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Hey Rufus

    I want you to think hard about the next question I am going to ask.... How did you find out about Episodes in the first place...... Think about it, then let me know..
  5. Rufus Moses

    Rufus Moses


    My post was general in nature. It was not "about" you. You are hardly the first person to be offered the cover charge for access to Episode. It happens to *me* all the time! You could have simply said, "I agree...I only bring in people I know". Instead now we have some kind of bogus conflict.

    And my post had 2 points.

    I am quite explicit in saying my point was *not* about keeping info away from cops. I know they already have it. I said so.

    SO let me try again.

    I would challenge anyone to go back one year and find anything close to this kind of conversation about Episode on a *public* board. This kind of discussion of Episode *to the random web surfing public* is literally unprecedented. This is a totally public place, full of uncounted lurkers not to mention *random curious non-hobbyists*.

    If Episode wanted a higher profile they would advertise like some other places do. They don't. They have their reasons. Maybe we should respect that. Perhaps this is how they've survived for so long.
  6. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Give me a break Rufus.....please....

    Look who it is Rufus Moses....... The guy who told me he don't post on Ug... Just TBG and another board. You sure do have alot to say and I will assume that this is directed at me. As far as Episodes being underground, I don't think so....everyone knows about it. I have 3 relatives who work for NYPD and they know about it.

    As far as selling my honor for $40.00, get a grip... if you had any idea what you were talking about, you would know that the only guys I have taken are guys that I have met through our UG get togethers..and that was the second time we got together.. I just wish for once that someone would get their facts straight before posting something like this.... Selling my honor,,,,give me a fucking break..... do me a favor go back into lurk mode...... I don't need to be insulted by someone who doesn't know me.

  7. Rufus Moses

    Rufus Moses

    I am coming back from the dead to say the following:

    (1) When you vouch for somebody, whether it is at a brothel or a loan office, you are giving your word. That should mean something. It should be a matter of honor to only vouch for those you actually know are who they say they are. Giving your word that someone is OK when you don't know them from Adam just isn't right. Doing so for $40 is selling out your own honor cheap.

    (2) Underground places like Episodes should not be spoken about freely on a board that is this public. It is not a question of keeping the info away from the cops...they likely know where more of these places are than any of us. Being "discovered" is not what gets places busted.

    They get busted when they attract attention. When they become notorious. When they stop being underground. When they are rubbed in the face of the cops because far too many people know about them.

    An open board (and UtopiaGuide couldn't be any more open) has its place. But the more open a board is the less underground info should be posted to it. If Episode becomes notorious, instead of operating quietly behind the scenes, it *will* be closed down.

    If this seems like a paradox, well maybe it is. If you like an underground place, it's perfectly fine to find a way to tell your close friends about it. But don't shout about it to the world and provide access for complete strangers.
  8. ROYAL



    Ok CCF: You got Mail!
  9. NYCBoy


    What about an afternoon?

    Impy1 check your email.
  10. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Sweet Deal.....

    First round on you!!!
    That sounds like a deal...... E-mail me, im going next week. Just like I go every week.........
    CCF(certified cheap fucker).....OUT!!!!!!!!
  11. ROYAL


    I'm in

    Well Fry, I've been wanting to check Episodes out also, so if anyone is willing I'll go with, and to show my gratitude, I got the First round. Anyone up for a Night @ Episodes?:D
  12. Phantom


    Hmmmmm, I wonder, is it possible?

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  13. Tankcommander


    The more we visit...

    The sooner they're out of their bondage...
    Assuming of course, that the theory is treu...
    Anyway, the stories I hear about felicia make me think that she does it cause she likes it, and is good at it...
  14. fishfry


    Wow that's a great story by JohnB about Episodes. I love lowdown sleaze and I want to check this place out.

    Would anyone be up for taking me over there some night next week? I gather that I can't get in there unless one of my whoremonger brothers accompanies me.

    I was discussing this story with a buddy tonight and he pointed out that for $30 full service 15 minutes, these girls must essentially be sex slaves, maybe working off their immigration costs in this place. What do people think? Consensual sex work is one thing, but women taking on all comers one after another for thirty bucks a pop -- thirty bucks in Manhattan -- this is basically slave labor.

    So I don't exactly want to go there to exploit these gals, but I sure am curious to see what a place like this is like. Ahh shit I'm sure once I get there my moral scruples will disappear and I'll just be another cheap horny guy.
  15. jmp


    The sheet is a myth. Very religious men wear a garment under their shirts that is rectangular and has a hole in the middle, which is where the myth comes from. (Neighbors see it hanging on the clothesline, and can't imagine any other use for it, so they use their imaginations.)

    As for the wigs, in religious communities, it's considered immodest for a married woman to not have her head covered. In some communities, this merely means that married women always wear hats. In more religious communities, married women wear wigs to cover all of their hair. While some of them do shave their heads, many only shave around the edges so that none of their real hair shows under the wig. Their husbands get to see the real deal.
  16. Tankcommander


    Do they blow you through a sheet too?

    You know, I do have a fantasy about them girls too. I like the stockings with the seams...

    As for the Amazon, I couldn't walk straight for a while. I was lightheaded.
  17. Ozzy


    fucking thru a sheet is no myth. neither are the wigs the woman wear. their heads are shaved when they marry or have kids, i forget which.
  18. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Hey Guys

    John, Until I read your post I didn't think that you would go back.... The wait was crazy but like you said 30.00... I aint Jewish, Slinky, but I am cheap.....and John, your right watchin Ozzy stumble back into the room with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and his shades on was great, but watching Tank come out of the room with that Amazon woman was priceless........It was a great night......
  19. JohnJ

    JohnJ Repentant Sinner

    ummm no thanks.....

    I think that I'd rather read "The Equatorial Plains One Eyed Egrets Migratory History"
  20. Luciano


    Is that really a myth? Man, is that a pervasive one, then. The wig thing is true, though. And the Pilegesh thing. Maybe this is a Lubavitcher custom and does not apply to all ultra-orthodox.