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Discussion in 'New York' started by buraq97, Aug 27, 2001.

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  1. Julienyc



    Always ask the phone lady if the new girl getting a thumbs up when guys are leaving? Most of our classic girls are already well established and most are excellent. I really like the client to know what he is getting before hand. Talk with Beverly or Melly ,they know who and who and what to expect from every girl.
  2. Luciano


    I think the above post says it all quite well

    Domino is an experience everyone should have, as well as Elana's BBBJs and Lola's enthudiastic sessions.

    With Julie it is hard to go wrong
  3. bige


    It all depends on your needs.

    Well it all depends on what you want.
    I'm gathering from your comments, that you're more like me and enjoy the PSE+GFE type of provider.

    For the Ultimate PSE + GFE experience See the following:

    Domino: (Every Language is Spoken!) What else needs to be said.

    Bridgette: Speaks all languages as well but is younger and better looking than the top ladies (Domino and Elanya)

    Elanya: (Same as domino but Greek seems to be a subject of rumor rather than fact.) But Her grasp of the asian and french language is unmatched!

    *** Please note that all the ladies mentioned above go beyond the call of duty in respects BBBJ. You can't go wrong with them in terms of that.****

    Alex: Despite her spotty reviews is a real PSE. She may not be a good GFE. But she is polite and that all that counts in my opinion and her service is top notch. You won't feel like you're with a GF but you'll get your money's worth stictly in terms of service. She also speaks Greek. By the way she looks better in person than in pics. I would see her again.

    Lola: Is latina hottie that enjoys what she does. I would consider her close to a pse but not quite because she lacks some of the given skills that Elanya, Domino and Bridgette possess. Her BBBJ is very good but not the mastery level of the earlier ladies I mentioned. But she is someone not to be missed. Definitely a GFE!

    So it all depends what you're looking for your first exp.
    If its GFE with a sprinkle of pse then Lola.

    If its about a GFE & PSE, then bridgette or domino would be good. And even elanya.

    I hope this helps.

    There is some new talent at Julie's that I'd like to here more about. (Halley and Veronica) Anyone know if these ladies are pse?
  4. buraq97


    I am soon to become another satisfied customer of Julies. Just wanted some heads up on who is the best GFE(DATY, FK, Greek?) provider? Any other advice that people have for a novice going to Julies is welcome.