Fluffy Kimba meets Samantha!

Discussion in 'New York' started by Kimba, Jan 18, 2003.

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  1. Samanthofny


    well i am at a "classy hotel ya know! They do have free continental if you feel like driving here in the am since my schedule is clear till the afternoon. Or we could take it back up to my room for some breakfast in bed, my treat of course!
  2. Kimba


    -Well-actually we have been with each other before
    -we kissed and groped like 2 horney teenagers(I am not)
    -we kissed and licked and sucked
    -we kissed and fucked-hard
    -we panted and chilled
    -she wanted to dine again at the W-then I wanted to dine again at the Y

    -Great time-Awesome lady-3$ for,well-Awesomeness!!!

    She is not a GFE-I prefer to think of her as a RFE-REAL FEMALE EXPERIENCE-

    Totally into the conversation and time spent with you-
    This is what seperates her from the many-

    She took all my clothes and hung them carefully
    She was not prompted to go for round 2
    She wants to know-in detail-what you want,like and need
    She mentioned she hadn't eaten all day,so I asked if I could buy her dinner-"Love it."
    We dressed-yes,not only did she bring back my clothes,but helped me dress-
    We held hands as we walked down the hall,and went down the elevator
    We spent over an hour going over each others lives-and it all flowed and we both shared things we don't normally share-(sorry-UG has a strict policy on giving out personal information)
    We walked back arm in arm-at the elevator she asked"Is anybody looking?"-Then she kissed me down to my toes."
    When we got in the elevator I pinned her to the wall"She asked"Did you ever do it in an elevator." I returned the kiss until the doors opened.
    Walked her back in like a gentleman-we hugged-then spent the next 10 minutes kissing,tearing away from each other,kissing and tearing-she gave me her schedule of availabilty-NOT FOR A SESSION-BUT FOR HANGING OUT IF I WASN'T BUSY."
    And when she moves to Long Island-the waters will finally become purified!!!!!

    And the best for last-as I was driving home,she called me to thank me for a fun time,and dinner-

    Fuckin A!!!!!
    But Sammy-you will NEVER be one of the guys as far as I am concerned!

    IHOP or Omeletes?