Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by boris, Mar 1, 2001.

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  1. HornDogBuddah


    Omigod -- an interchange on this bereft board! Let's hope it is a sign of continued better things to come.
  2. robnotbob


    Now that's what I'm talkin' bout, Boris!

    Please email me off line at

    I will be heading to DC this weekend and am hopeful you have some info for me as to fun and excitement.
  3. boris


    I had the pleasure of meeting with FoggybottomBeth in the DCarea the other day. She is quite discreet and I'm reluctant to go into details directly on this board.
    She describes herself accurately is in absolutely perfect physical shape more lithe than voluptuous, very toned, very natural. She's quite pretty imho, but in a real way rather than magazine model airbrushed glamorous, though in real life most wouldn't look as good as she.
    We had a very satisfying visit.
    It's strange to say this, but one of the real joys of being with her is that she's a very good listener and related to me in a way that's much like her look. She didn't fake interest as if she were suddenly in love for the hour. She comes off as healthy, professional, personable, and genuinely interested in who you are.
    Call me "kinky", but that part makes me want to come back as much as the other stuff.