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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by jclyde, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. jras


    The word "joy" is on the door. No door bell/buzzer. Looks abandoned. But WTF, around 4pm I knocked on the door, and then turned to head back to the car. The door opens a bit and the manager sticks her head out. I'm let in, reluctantly at first. She is very nervous and I have to convince her to take me back to one of the cubicles. She wants ID. I told her I left it in the car but whipped out my dick as my ID. I grab her ass. She calls in Anna/Hannah, long hair, slim, butter face. Glad I just took the 1/2 hour for $40. OK massage, lame build up to the flip. Had to guide her hand to jras jr, and she began an OK HJ. Refused to do a BJ of any kind. Nice nips but no sucking on them. No kissing on lips. Could rub her ass, but no pussy play. Finished via DIY with her encouragement. Clean up, tip 40, so-so experience overall. Supposedly 1 or 2 other gals but didn't see them. The manager seems pretty paranoid and probably for good reason. Might try one of the other girls since no other AMP options nearby.
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  2. Mr. Joyboy

    Mr. Joyboy

    Nice review, HnS. This is the Coram Commons on Rt. 112 just south of Middle Country Road I believe? Oddly enough, there's another "Coram Commons" strip mall across from the 7-11 further east on MCR. I think if anyone wants to sample Nancy, Anna or anyone else at this place, you'd better do it soon because, you're right, being next door to the karate school doesn't bode well for their longevity.
  3. hardndslick


    I went by on Sunday. It was shitty out so I felt more at ease. My thought is if they are busting places they would do it when it was busy and alot of amps don't open when it's snowing. I guess they don't like to make the trip from flushing.

    I pulled into the lot and it was quiet, the school was closed so no prying eyes. I called and said I was in the lot and to open up.
    I was let in by a late twentys early thirtys woman. She locked the door behind us. And led me to her room. On the way to the room I gave her ass a little squeeze to no resistance. She wasn't bad looking her face was ok but she wasn't waring a bra and she had nice tits so that made her look better.
    I'm thinking her name is Nancy after my last visit but she probably is also known as anna.

    I handed her forty and she left with it. She came back in a minute or so and found me on the table. The heater had the room nice and warm So i was able to relax . She put a towel on my back and ass. Her English is terrible but she managed to ask if I wanted soft or medium. She started a pretty decent rub not the best but not bad. And didn't seem to mind me groping her.
    She then slid the towel up to uncover my butt and really worked the legs and ass. The next thing I know I'm on all fours with her hand on my shaft working me until I was rock hard.
    Without the hot towel clean up or soft touch she told me to turn. It was ok because she used unsented lotion and not oil and I was already hard so I went with it.
    After the flip she started running her nails up and down my legs to my balls. She reached down and gave me a peck on the lips and was trying to ask what I wanted. She made the hj motion but I pointed to her mouth and I held up 8 fingers. She smiled and nodded and put her hand out. Ugg I hate that but ok I pointed to my pants and gave her the 80 I had with me. I only bring in what I'm willing to spend or I would have given her anything she wanted. She left the room for a cover and was back in a flash.
    When she came back she lifted her top to expose her beautiful tits. They were a nice size for her body, soft and firm. She let me suck on them for a bit while I was pulling down her pants to play with her pussy. All while she's sucking my nips and kissing my neck and chest.
    On went the cover then her mouth on jr. Her head game was ok nothing great. I managed to get her pants down enough so I can kiss her thighs while I was rubbing her clit, I didn't know I was that flexible. she wasn't stopping me so I hoisted her up onto my face into a 69. I was going to town on her tight pussy, i could barely get my tongue in there. Lol. it wasnt as fresh as i would like but still yummy. I popped and she let me finish her off or pretended to.
    She cleaned me up and covered me up and went for the hot towel and a water. I thought I was done but she climbed on me for a cuddle session while running her hand up and down my chest. Wendy from Lincoln used to do that. She then helps me up and started rubbing my shoulders for a bit and helped me to dress and led me back out. When I was back in my car I noticed that I was there for just over an hour. I only paid for the half.
    She is very sweet and a lot of fun. I don't normally go to amps for anything other than a hj but things have been slow with bp when I'm able to play. I would definitely go back but those neighbors will get them closed down. 120 total.
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  4. Li631


    I am curious now to your utr.... because i know we had the same tastes.... hmmmmmm
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  5. Li631


    I knew it was Jackie... was taking a guess at utr as she told me about a year ago she was going to advertise less
    Nothing like daty with her when she multi's all over and begs for more. Has had 7-8 before I felt like a lion after the kill with her juices all over face legs bed and everything withon 3' of us soaked
    The last time i saw her she literally answered in street clothes (as always) had them on floor tossed heels on and begged me to shoot for double digits
    I lost count at 6-7 I came up for fs a little bit later to her with a smile from ear to ear saying thank you raised her legs to my shoulders and asked me to go into animal mode (i think that was the term she used) and i thought we were going to break the bed and fly out to the parking lot.
    Blew in bag and wasn't satisfied yet so she bbbj to her DD finish
    Dammit i have to get ahold of her
  6. lovelight


    No,That was Jackie the multi-orgasmic Masseuse who loves DATY. The UTR is done. That dude was fucking nuts though
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  7. Li631


    Nice Lovelight.... I know you deserve it if even from days long past.
    I think I may know your UTR and let me ask this as I will assume it is buried... is your UTR the one you got followed from a couple years back by another monger who couldn't get in to see her and started yelling at her
  8. lovelight


    Ok , so let me preface this by saying I've NEVER done 2 pops with a provider in one session. Usually ,On my way home after an hour session I'm ready to go again which would require a 90 minute or 2 hour session which I can never fit into my schedule. However today was different and at an AMP of all places this event took place.

    I was blown off this morning by a UTR provider who used to be on the board but curses those that review her now .She really blew me off in a bad way but thats another story for another time and thread. Then I tried a few more to no avail ,or they contacted me 2 hours later when I was much further East. SB was on the opposite side of the island so that was a no go too. I digress....bear with me I'm still a little wobbly.

    My back was killing me last couple of days so I thought why not go get a legit massage. I went to my local place ,and of course, they were busy for some reason. Then this place popped into mind. I looked it up here by searching "coram" and got the number and then I checked BP ,and sure enough there was an ad ,so I knew it was still open.
    I called and mamasan told me I could come right over. English is hard to come by here so you'll have to use your blackbelt in AMP signs,signals and very brief phrases to communicate. I was there in minutes and spotted the clandestine location but decided to call again anyway while I scoped out the comings and goings in the area. The commons was not too busy in mid-afternoon. Mamasan answered and I told her I was here and confirmed the non-descript entry with her. I rang the bell and waited 5 seconds when the door opened. Mamasan let me in Exchanged pleasantries in her native language ,IGuess ,Because I understood nothing and just nodded.She walked my back to a room with solid walls just shy of the ceiling and a solid door.rRegular Amp appointments in the room with the semi-flammable space heater glowing ,on full blast.On my way to the room I saw a younger girl who looked beautiful hanging in the back but figured with my luck today mamasan(leenda?) was gonna be assigned to me.

    I'm happy to say I was wrong. Mamasan collected 60 for the hour and then in walked the pretty one who I came to know as Anna. I suck at guessing Asian amp worker 's ages but safe to say mamasan was 50 ish and Anna was 30 + or - 4 years but I'm leaning towards 28 after thinking about it . She has amazing soft skin a beautiful smile and was dressed in a one piece mini dress with yoga pants . Fresh mani /pedi didnt hurt either. Her hair was silky smooth long and straight and she smelled terrific.

    Anna left and asked me to disrobe using hand signals . When she came back in I was standing in my underwear when she gave me a double handed "take off your underwear" hand gesture. I followed her orders and laid facedown on the table. And in walks Mamasan again now grabbing me and talking to me and patting my ass in some sort of "lets get a closer look at this guy" LE test. Apparently I passed and Anna was left to give her medium massage. I would rate the massage an 8.5 out of 10.Anna really did a great job adhering to the "medium "theme and really working my back ,shoulders,neck , arms etc. She got on top and sat on my butt and started a little subtle grinding which got my attention for sure. I pushed back a little and she giggled. Then she moved down and sat on my thighs with her kitty warmimg the back of my leg while she gave me an intense glute massage. This is where her probing started on my inner thighs. During my leg massage she kept going higher and higher and brushing the boys and lightly caressing my inner thighs. Needless to say I was rock hard at this point. We were about 40 minutes in when she asked my to flip. She started a nice face-up ST stroking my inner thighs and legs,abdomen and few like touches on junior. She was really teasing and then started teasing the boys and junior. I was trying to communicate that I wanted a HJ which eventually she figured out and began a real nice slow HJ . I asked permission to tough and was granted with a smile and proceeded to play with her soft breasts UTC and then moved onto her steming hot kitty first from behind and I moved onto her sweet spot OTC and she grinded herself to an orgasm then finished me off. She was blushing,shaking and seemed alittle shocked that she just came. I wasnt that shocked as I had her clit squirming under my fingers for 5 minutes straight and didnt let up.

    Cleaned up with hot towels and now I was alittle delirious. She comes back in after getting rid of the towel and asks me if I want a scalp massage while she's regaining her composure ,giglling and making the SHHHHH! sign with her finger. The scalp and cranium massage was awesome. were 55 minutes in and she just lays down on me ,her head on my chest and I give her a little TLC and I'm thinking "this is a first" . She startes tickling my thigh again ,playing with the biys and then gets up and goes down to my feet ,leaning over me , and starts dragging her fingertips from my chest down my belly between my thights and inner leg area over and over again. I'm thinking "wtf is she doing" as I paid for an hour and we are now at the end . Towel comes off ,she stands next to me ,and fafter a minute of miscommunication and hand gestures shes got my balls in her hand and shes now giving them a massage . ten fingertips in unison and now I'm frigging rock hard again. I ask her if we're going for round two and you can imagine her confusion as she barely speaks English so I grab jumior and give it a few strokes and she nods and asks" a little oil ?" .I smile and she's on board for round two. I'm almost as shocked that I'm ready for round two as I am that she's on board. She never mentioned tips by the way But I told her I'll take care of you and made a counting cash gesture. She smiled and said "I love You" ( I'm not fucking kidding ) Thsi time she put a leg up on the table as if to say "you're going twice and so am I" . I obliged and rubbed her to another shaking orgasm and we came together.

    Sometimes mongering does not go your way and is replaced my mongering you never thought would happen. That was the case today. I guess I'm now a member of the 2 pop club in my old age.

    I tipped her 80,40 for each HE and she was hugging and kissing me and smiling.

    Heres my score:
    Location: horrible,never gonna last
    Anna : 9
    HE: 10 x 2!!
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  9. hardndslick


    I stopped by the other day. It's a 2 call setup, I called and she texted me the address. I got there and hungout to watch the busy lot. It wasn't hard to figure out which store they were using. The one with the white door bell. :) while I was watching the place I didn't see any mongers going in or out.

    There is a karate school there with alot of coming and going.
    When I was ready I called again and was told where to go.
    As I was walking up I can hear the door unlocking and was let in by momma and she locked the door behind me. She was a pretty 50 something woman. I gave her 40 for the half and asked to wash up.
    While walking to the bathroom I noticed that the back door has a bar on it so no one is coming in from there or going out that way if I wanted to avoid the eyes from the parking lot.

    I was led to a room and started too undress while momma was still in the room. She didn't leave the room which I thought was odd. That was a first for me so guess what? I get momma. I know I'm the only monger there and I can hear the other girl. Maybe she's on a break I'm thinking. So fuck it I get on the table.
    She was waring some amp pants and a very loose fitting top. Like I said I thought she was pretty and had a nice smile and was very friendly. I find out that her name is linda. She asked soft or medium. I took med and got a very nice massage. While she was by my head I grabbed her ass and she giggled and patted mine. Her butt isn't anything special but neither is mine.
    She used some oil but not too much. She then got a hot towel to clean me up. After that she says turn over, no soft touch. Bummer.
    She places the towel on my legs and starts playing with jr While I my hand up that loose shirt only to find out that she's not waring a bra.
    Her tits are small but nice.
    She then asked what I want and I point to her mouth. I told her that I had 80 and she said ok but wanted it upfront. I hate that but I guess some guy's are dicks and don't pay what's agreed to.
    She left the room for a minute to get a cover and came back in and started sucking on my nipples while getting me hard. She put her tits in my mouth, After a few minutes on went the bag.
    I was able to pull her pants down some to expos her ass. I played with it some and as i was going for the pussy i felt what i think was a panty liner, so i stopped there. I wasnt tanking any chances.
    She did a good job nice presure while playing with the boys till I popped. Hot towel clean up and she helped me get dressed and got me a water.
    While dressing she told me about the other girl. She said young and very pretty, says her name is Nancy
    She also said that her neighbor is busting her chops, calling the town on her ect. She says she doesn't understand why.
    She's careful who she let's in. If she gets a bad feeling, she don't let you in.
    All in all a good time for the 120 total. It wasn't what I set out for but the girls I called weren't answering their phones. It won't be long before her neighbors win and they get shut down.
  10. jclyde


    I was wondering if anyone else has been here and had anyone other than Anna for service
  11. jclyde


    they opened a month or so ago they advertised on BP but not every week I think they forget to put it back up there after it expires. That doesn't matter now
  12. hardndslick


    Thanks for the reply but I was wondering if the ad was in C L or bp because I haven't seen an ad. I use my phone for all of my prowling. Ive noticed that I'm missing some ads. I don't know if it's just me having an issue or if it's because I use my android.
  13. jclyde


    was looking to try that ZIN ZIN spa that was reviewed on here saw this one advertising in coram and tried it. I needed a place that I could get to easier but not to close to home
  14. Cassady1025


    Yeah, you win a free CBJTCIB.. well maybe not free
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  15. kbeemer


    Bag? Did I get it right? Do I win anything?
  16. sculptor69


    CBJTCIB? "Covered Blow Job To Completion In _____?"
  17. hardndslick


    Just curious, how did you find this place?
  18. Cparty


    Do you have there address or better description of where the place is?
  19. funstr


    Went here yesterday, there are 2 Coram Commons this one is on rt 112
    saw Anna very sweet playful and attractive loved the rack small but very firm with dark nipples and an ass you can fit in your hand nice:) hugging kissing caressing
    CBJTCIB.....then nice head and neck massage it was FUN! 40/80
  20. jclyde


    Went here a month ago . Was looking for a spot that was closer to home and easier to get to. I originally thought they took over the zin zin spa but it was closed. So I called them and asked for their location which became a problem because of language and they have no sign or advertisement in window/ All I can tell you they are 2 stores down from pizza place and their windows are whited out. So in I go after I get off phone they open door for me and I meet mamasan and I'm thinking another 50 year old rub and tug. She leads me to the room and I give 40 for half. Then she comes back and tells me another girl will give me a massage in comes Anna and she is in her late 20's early 30 and very pretty . Now I'm happy , she starts with some light BS rub then comes down to eye level and asks me what I want and points to her mouth. I say ok she says 100 I say no she say's ok 80, I say all I have is 60 in my wallet she says something to mamasan through the wall and tells me ok. I give her the money she leaves. She comes in and gets me going again , she then slips on a jacket and proceeds to give me a nice CBJ. After im done a nice clean up and a head and foot message to end it. then I get a nice escort out the door from Mamasan , nice suprise