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Discussion in 'New York' started by tomatch, Oct 10, 2001.

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    As much as I'd like to keep this treasure to myself I have to tell you, it's become my regular place as of late. Brenda is my favorite at the moment, but I haven't met more than one or two others. Gina was there last time, but was slightly too heavy for my taste. I'm quite satisfied with Brenda. My last session with her, my third, she gave me a BBBJ for the first time, which was marvelous.
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    That's why you are ALL POWERFUL

    You see I took his quotation too literally and looked for "2 WOMEN..."
    Thanks Slinky.
    Alas! & also... I see that in searching the threads I was inadvertantly limiting my search to the last 30 days whilst this was posted in August.
    I am humbled and a lesson learned....

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    "Search for the "2 Women, W 40's" thread. You can get younger spanish girls for the same price."

    Thanks for your response to my thread about Gabriella. I definitley want to check out your advice for "2 women W 40's" but a thorough search on this board did not reveal any such thread. I also checked every thread under NY, Cheap Thrills & General. Can you refer me to the post or maybe re-post.

    I do remember reading something about this set up - ad in old VV, only accepts calls from that ad, young spanish & brazil gears, selective on new clients, etc. Problem is I read this, TBD & *** and can't remember when, what or where I saw this - can't find contact info. Somewhere near PA Bus Term. I also remember. Please refresh my memory.

    Thanks again.