Four arrests at three massage parlors

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    no biggie

    LOL, After the bs fines, these lasses will be back in the saddle in no time. If not already.
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    And the cops were in there to make deposits?
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    50K bail posted next day:

    Prostitution hearings rescheduled for 4 women
    Staff writer

    Preliminary hearings for four women charged with prostitution last week were continued until Tuesday.

    The arrest of Hyun Choi, We H Hong, Soon Deok Lee and Sun Sook Park last week came as a result of an ongoing investigation into the activities of the Evergreen Spa and Apple Spa in Guilford Township, just outside Chambersburg. Court officials would not provide ages or addresses for any of the four women.

    Cpl. Kenneth Hassinger said both spas had been the subject of complaints during the past year and the vice squad had been looking into those complaints, trying to find out if they were in compliance with laws governing that type of establishment.

    Vice squad undercover officers were sent to the two spas, asking and paying for massages, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.
    According to the complaint, while they were there, the women giving the massages offered to perform sexual acts in return for money.

    All four are charged with prostitution and related offenses. All but Park are in Franklin County Prison in lieu of bail. Park posted $50,000 bail the day after her arrest, according to a spokeswoman in the records department at Franklin County Prison.

    (*These chicks are small lending institutions)
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    I feel a lot safer now that society has been ridded of those dangerous Korean women.
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    Oh, you're absolutely right. You should say as near nothing as you can get. I didn't mean to be taken very seriously there.
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    Yes, but I'm not sure its smart to admit anything without your lawyer present. I guess that's why Gary's in jail.
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    Gary isn't exactly going to be one of the winning contestants on Jeopardy, now is he? I guess if you're caught with your coke you might as well admit you were there for a piece of ass.
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    Police raids of three massage parlors Friday netted four prostitution-related arrests, police said.
    Police served arrest and search warrants at Lily Spa, 2073 S. Queen St., and Oasis Spa, 2131 S. Queen St., both in York Township, and JP Therapy at 15 S. Belmont St. in Spring Garden Township, state police said.

    Arrested were:

    --- Jung Sook Yaung, 42, of 2073 S. Queen St., Spring Garden Township

    --- Seon Mi Kim Ovelette, 34, of 3331 153rd St., Flushing, N.Y.

    --- Myoung J. Joung, 35, of 784 Columbus Ave., New York City

    --- Gary Patrick Armish, of 614 S. Front St., Selinsgrove, Snyder County.

    The arrests came at the end of a two-week investigation spurred by complaints about the parlors, police said. In addition to state troopers, Spring Garden Township Police, York Area Regional Police and members of the York County Drug Task force were involved in the raids.

    Undercover troopers arranged for massage sessions during which female attendants Yaung at Lily Spa, Kim Ovelette at Oasis Spa and Joung at JP Therapy all offered sexual services, police said.

    They were charged with prostitution-related offenses.

    Police said Armish was inside Lily Spa when investigators arrived. He admitted to being at the spa for the purpose of obtaining sex from an attendant, police said.

    He was charged with possessing cocaine, and the vehicle he drove to the spa was seized.

    Investigators also took -- from Lily Spa and JP Therapy -- condoms, massage tables, televisions, stereo equipment, towels, furniture, air-conditioning units, washers and dryers, and video surveillance systems, police said.

    In March 2005, police charged three people with prostitution offenses at Japan-York Wellness Center, which was located where JP Therapy is now.

    Also, in June 2004, police arrested seven women for prostitution-related offenses after an investigation at several massage parlors, including Oriental Health Spa, which operated at Oasis Spa's current location.

    -- Reach The York Dispatch at or 505-5425.