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    Don't let the review rufus posted scare you away. You'll be fine if you mind your own business. The one area to steer away from would be where the drug addicts are, which on the map is the upper end of Moselstrasse (near the 11). Also don't get suckered by the illegal street dice games which you will see as long as a police car isn't driving by (then they disperse quickly... an amusing sight), or by the aggressive girls outside the strip shows. They (or even a guy) may try to block your path and make you stop when you pass their club. They'll try to talk you into going inside. F'ing rude and annoying. Be polite and move on. Or better yet what I figured out to do - when you spot one coming up (they'll be eyeing you too) step onto the street and around the parked cars and avoid them altogether.

    Otherwise this general area is usually fairly active especially in the evenings with dozens of guys checking out the various brothels (up to a couple hundred guys on a late weekend night). That's half the fun of it... there are probably a good 10-15 brothels within 2-3 blocks of each other and you will want to see what's available. Some are all asian, or all spanish, or mixed. Most are multistory though so you may work up a little sweat if you spend too much time looking around. You may find yourself with 20 others guys in the same brothel, trekking up the stairs and stopping at each level to see what doors are open and who's inside or at the doorstep. Walking back down is the easy part. I remember seeing all sorts of guys, a few seniors but usualy young guys in their 20's or 30's and many of mid-eastern appearance. You will find just about everything in terms of girls: asian, brazilian, black, german; regular and dominatrixes; hustlers or sweet friendly girls. I saw a sweet humble beautiful girl named Lisa twice in the large Eros center on Elbestrasse which Huggybear mentioned (next to Pure Platinum club). This place is huge it will take you half an hour to see everything inside. The second time when I went to her room to see if she was working, there was a small group of middle-eastern guys standing outside and when she saw me she anxiously beckoned me in... which I did gladly. She said she was relieved I came along to spare her from them... I guess not all the customers are pleasant experiences. Don't count on a GFE in these places, but if you spend a minute talking to the girl before you make up your mind hopefully you'll get an idea of what you can expect. Most I saw were reasonably friendly but the clock is always on.
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    skagen you could probably find the Eros centers (brothels) blindfolded from the hauptbahnhof it's that easy. check this map out (click on the enlarged version to see better):

    The hauptbahnhof is the dark buliding with the i. Behind it where it says "Train Station" is where the trains leave or come in. You want to exit the opposite side which is the front of the hauptbahnhof (16 on the map). Keep walking on to Kaiserstrasse. The first two crossing streets of Moselstrasse and Elbestrasse is where you will find most of the Eros centers.

    The hauptbahnhof has small and large storage lockers to store stuff for a few hours, ~ 2 euro.

    Most standard sessions I suspect will average $50 euro. You will find cheaper for sure, and probably a few more expensive. But $50 euro is probably a good average estimate for a 25-30 min session. I could be wrong, but I think the half hour session is much more common than hour sessions here.
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    Here is a helpful post from my clippings file...originally from:

    Please note this is what someone else wrote...if some of it seems offensive please don't blame me!


    Frankfurt RLD review [Other Places/World]
    Posted by HuggyBear on September 27, 2002 at 10:32
    Well, I am back from Frankfurt and boy is my penis tired! I spent most of my time at FKK oase. I found the travel info here on this site, just search FKK. Be sure to check out some other sites referred here too.
    I stayed at the Intercity hotel which was right next to the main train station. The room rate included a fantastic breakfast and a transit pass, which allowed unlimited use of the subway and local trains. Nice place...runs around 100 per night depending on season and trade fair schedules.
    The area around the train station is filled with RLD "Ă«ros centers". Just exit the station from the front archway onto Taunuss strass and walk straight about three streets. The main intersection is Elbe Strass. The women are inside the buildings with the red lights. (duh)
    I hated the Frankfurt RLD. I found it dirty and I felt at danger from the other men around. There are no real tourists like in A'dam, only locals and criminals. There are tons of junkies on the street, and inside the eros centers there is trash all over. Some of the smaller ones smelled so bad, I only made it to one or two floors. And all those stairs!!! As far as I could tell...the higher the floor, the darker the skin and the lower the price. I also believe that the rooms in the front of the building....that is to say on the side facing the street...are for the higher-end girls. If you are looking for pretty young European girls, stay on the lower floors and in the front side of the centers. The finest of the group seemed to be in the largest center on Elbestrasse. The one with the statues on the balconies of Blues Brothers and such, right next to Pure Platinum. This center has video security and an ATM in the lobby.
    As you walk through this "chicken coop" of tiny brothel dorm rooms, you will see the names of the girls on the door and her usual hours. Most of the good ones work only days, early morning before the commute to work and lunchtime are the best. That is when the local men regulars are there. That is prime time. Late night is drunks, losers, military drunk losers, and drunk military losers.
    I saw a guy on the street who had just been beaten-up by bouncers in one of the clubs. I don't know what he did....but he was a big American guy and plenty young and strong. He had two large gashes in his head along his eye and brow. I tried to hear the story, but his friend chased me off. I gather that he did something wrong inside the club (touching a stripper?, refusing to pay some overcharges?) whatever it was...He got assaulted pretty severely. I know that no police were involved as I later saw him and his friends walk away. This was right in front of the Pure Platinum club.
    Anyway, back to las chicas. There are lots or girls, and each area has an ethnicity. Thai, Latina, African, etc. I found it very hard to deal with the set up. I was always out of breath from all the stairs, and you can't view a lady from a distance first like in A'dam. You are right there in her doorway. Some girls ignore you, some wink. Many seem to have been there a long time. They have tons of personal stuff in the room, like they have been there for years. There are several dominatrix who have elaborate set-ups. One had a room filled with stocks and torture devices. There must have been 10 different harness things in this one tiny room. I saw some lovely Eurobabes, some as hot as the finest in Adam.
    I decided to try one out. She was a stunning brunette who wore black eyeglasses and had the "Hot for Teacher" look. I asked about prices: She began at 30E. I asked what for. She said hand and blowjob. I said with or without condom. She said without is 50E. I asked for a session with her being topless, allowing me to touch her breasts along with a condomless hand job. She said 50E. for 20-25 minutes. I agreed. She had me undress and get on her bed. Then she reached into a drawer....and pulled out a latex glove! Fuckin german's always something!(just venting, please no flames)
    She performed as requested in a minimal effort.
    I knew that I was done with the RLD in FFM. Why bother when the FKKs are just a short tram ride away.
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    what direction is the brothel section, once you get to the Haubtbahnhof? I assume its on same side of the river, but is it in the area going back towards the airport, (ie opposite of going towards the European Central Bank?). Also, do you have any sense of what BJ or FS would cost?
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    53 are, of course, right. I almost made the trip my last visit in Amsterdam, but ended up having too much fun there to break away. Next time for sure.
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    My last visit to Frankfurt was my third time but a short one. I had a 3 hour stopover before flying back to the US. So..... I could hang around the airport for 3 hrs or find something else to do. Well the airport has a convenient direct train connection to the Frankfurt Haubtbahnhof so I made my way over. The train arrived within a few minutes and I was in Frankfurt 20 minutes later. I went up and out of the Hauptbahnhof and directly to the brothel section nearby. I checked out the first brothel I found, this one was a spanish one with all spanish girls. There was a good looking busty Brazilian girl Daniella on the second floor, about 5'6 with natural DD's and we had a half hour session with a super baby oil TF. Cost ~ $25 US. So within an hour of landing in Frankfurt I had had myself a great TF session and still had 2 hours to kill. I grabbed a bite to eat, walked around a little more then returned to the airport for my flight home.

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    Rufus you need to visit Frankfurt some time (and I need to visit Amsterdam sometime as well I know....).
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    I've not gone yet myself but the smart money seems to be on the FKK clubs. Use the UG search feature twice...once for "oase" and once for "frankfurt"...for more info...
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    I was in Frankfurt for a couple of days several years ago. Here are the two types of places I've seen.

    There is a Spa like club. You pay a small fee to enter and you get a locker to put your stuff in. Once you've undressed, you then have the option of using the facilities, I think they had a steam room, hottub, etc. Or you can go straight to the bar and hang out. There are women working there and basically you can hang out and pick out one of them to go with you to a private room. The fees vary depending on what you want and how long. the quality of women there vary, but it is generally decent.

    The place is called THERME-TAVERNE. The address is OSKAR V. MILLER STR. 10

    Another option is going to the apartment like complexes they have set up. Basically you walk around the halls of the apartment building and there are girls sitting on stools outside each room. They are all usually independent workers and you negotiate with them for what you want. Don't remember where these were, but usually you can ask the cabbies where girls can be found and they will take you.
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    MAy be going this weekend
    any advice ?