Fraud probe shuts down “massage parlors” in Dominican beach town

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    BOCA CHICA. - At least 10 massages parlors used by a network to scam foreigners were shut down by the Dominican judicial authorities and the agencies which conduct the investigation.

    The closed businesses operated in different places here and were reportedly used to apply makeup on women who faked being beaten by foreigners, for the purpose of remaining with their properties.

    Aside from the makeup, the women took photos showing the alleged blows, obtained medical certifications and with the assistance of fake lawyers they filed charges against the foreigners.

    Investigators established that at least 10 Europeans and Americans were duped by the network, which through the extortion obtained assets and properties worth millions from them.

    It was learned that some of the foreigners were even forced to leave the country and implicated in the case are, according to the probe, Justice Officials during the previous Administration, who could be questioned by investigators.

    "Lately we have closed about ten massages parlors that were used by the gang to make up to the women and to simulate the supposed aggressions by the deceived foreigners," said a judicial official who is close to the investigation.

    They added that some of the parlors closed operated in the Juan Bautista Vicini, Juan Pablo Duarte, San Rafael and 15 de Junio streets, among others in this beach town.

    They said that many of the properties swindled by the women and the fake lawyers with the complicity of past Justice officials are in La Caleta, Andrés, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, in San Pedro.

    According to the information, among the foreigners taken are Americans, French, Canadians, Italians and Swiss.

    It was learned that in the measure in which the authorities widen the probe, they detect more cases of foreigners scammed by the ring and who have filed charges.