Freaks on SMYW

Discussion in 'New York' started by reflexnt, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. reflexnt


    SMYW is short for Show me your wife

    I check it out from time to time, it's one of those sites that is good for looking at various milfs or just hitched babes showing off their stuff via megapixel cams.
    I've had some very interesting experiences there and felt it's time to share a few.

    The 1st was with this hottie from Kansas named Janie. She had an awesome body and kept asking me if i ever travelled, but I'm not going to Kansas. She got on cam after a little smalltalk and has been a weekly treat doing anything for a nut.

    The 2nd was wild, a couple from Maine (hot wife) that travel together and the hubby posts these b.s. threads about coming over to do the wife for a photoshoot; yeah it's a buck fifty photoshoot but she was a hot milf, late 40's but great fuckin legs.

    Just thought I'd share................