From the NY Post today !

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  1. neilz


    Yeah, $1,000. I don't believe it.
  2. remsenst


    This is the part I'm having trouble understanding, especially after seeing her picture in the paper:

    "Then, after accepting $1,000 for sex from the undercover john....."
  3. Jack_Maehoffer


    They all deserve each another.
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  4. rocketman29


    One of the fireman in the original scandal, Tony Deluca went to my High School back in the day, as did his wife. He lost his job because of this but I think he is still married. What a wack job this lady is.
  5. Greek212


    December 9, 2005 -- The woman at the center of a Bronx firehouse sex scandal has been arrested again, this time on charges of trying to sell her body to an undercover cop — and then asking him to kill her ex-hus band. Badge bunny Jennifer Swanton, 35, of Staten Island, met with the undercover detective on Dec. 1, cops said yesterday. She allegedly planned to have sex with him for cash after he contacted her via the Web site Craigslist.
    The two had exchanged several ******s starting in late November as part of an Internet prostitution sting. The two agreed to meet at 2 p.m. on Melrose Avenue in The Bronx, according to police sources.

    When the cop climbed into her car, she said, "Call me Jennifer, that's my real name," the criminal complaint said.

    Then, after accepting $1,000 for sex from the undercover john, she allegedly blurted out: "I've had a messy divorce. Will you take care of my husband if I give you $50,000?"

    They drove to Baychester and parked down the street from Truman HS. Swanton offered to sell him two bags containing 5 grams of coke, the complaint said.

    Bronx Vice Enforcement Squad cops then swarmed her car and arrested her for criminal solicitation for trying to hire a hit man, prostitution and trying to sell drugs

    As always, be careful who you deal with !!!!!