Gambling bust in bohemia

Discussion in 'New York' started by genius, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. lepke


    I know these guys very well and they never made 120,000 a week believe me..This place was warned months ago that LE was on to them...There were cops outside taking plate numbers looking for guys with warrants that go there as long as 3 months ago..There was no complaints on this spot they just got alot of volume and it was time to shut it down....They will be up and running in another location shortly..
  2. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    But if the charity in question was the PBA, doubt any of this would have happened.
  3. njmalan


    I was involved in a raid at a holdem charity event no less (NJ). It was a team of 6 officers and 3 suits from the county prosecutors office. They confiscated everything and let everyone go except for the organizers who were ultimately tried and fined.
  4. genius


    I would certainly believe you, I mean the person who you know. Seems kinda odd though - doesnt LE tend to overstate the numbers (to make themselves look good) instead of understating them as the person you know would guess.

    Could they have meant 12000 amonth?
  5. Genius<< I know what you mean. Ridiculous what the agenda is for Suffolk Law Enfocement. Having NO first hand knowledge, of course, aghemm, I can tell you one thing though. Based on advertised buy in costs, # of nightly players, and payout totals. Just do the math and you know, they made MUCH MUCH more than 12,000 over that 5 months, believe Me! But as usual the problem is that they upset the neighbors, instead of guving them a cut.
  6. genius


    News12 had this story.

    "03/10/06) BOHEMIA - Police made seven arrests Friday in the culmination of a five-month sting operation on a Bohemia pool hall holding illegal poker games.

    Police say Sunrise Billiards on Sunrise Highway was holding illegal Texas hold ‘em games nightly, and even advertised for the games on the Internet. Officials remind residents that a poker game is only illegal if the house or some other organization gets a cut of the pot. In this case, authorities say the pool hall raked in $12,000 over the five-month sting."

    So the pool hall "raked in $12,000 over the five-month sting" - gee they really cleaned up. Does anyone know of any business that considers annual sales of $28,800 where they have a building and have to pay for rent, employees, electricity, etc to be "raking it in"?

    I wonder how the police salaries and other expenses over the 5 month period compared to the $12,000 "raked in"?

    I feel sooo much safer now knowing that law enforcement puts their priorities where the real dangers to society are in spite that raids like this are particularly dangerous to the team of cops raiding the place - I heard one of the cops got a nasty paper cut on his finger while gathering up the playing cards as evidence.

    Here is the link to the complete story.
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