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  1. beeker


    called for an am appointment-based in short
    stay queens/nassau border.
    I said 1030 am, expecting to be seen for a half hour session. I call her
    phone 1015, 1045, 1130 no answer- 12n she calls back." you can come
    by at 1230- phone was on silent, I didnt hear it" So as Im about to park,
    she calls "could you stop by the smoke shop and get a 3 pack of lifestyles
    without the lube" I was going to say fuck it, because I often see
    GFEs and Just go bbbj x2 . Im fucking lazy.

    i get to the room, spending several mins in front of the AC- she dribbles out
    a bit of mindless chatter about needing an AC for her apartment. Shes about
    5'4 very light skinned spanish- but her hair suggests shes part black.
    she undresses, leaving on her panties- full B nice nips, very responsive
    to touch, you may not suckle, 2 for flinching, she backed up that quickly.

    She applied the condom, and was using my thighs for support- no
    fondling of the nuts or surrounding areas- her mouth did not roam beyond
    the boudaries of the condom. pretty mechanical , I finished in about 10
    mins- 2nd round not offered.- I tried to esplain that In her HEAD start
    ad, she should state no BBBJ. She replied well "I dont give up my PUSSY
    for nobody"- okay well no ones asking you to. However sometimes
    women suck dick without a condom- and there are a few select men, who
    will never get their dick sucked WITHOUT a condom, ya dig?
    These are the clients you should be in search of.

    Her adm as It appeared stated 100.00 .this was on July 14. On July the 16th
    she felt that this mechanical service was worth 25.00 more.

    So having NOT seen that ad, I gave her the 100.00.
    she did not complain, as she "wont need to post at all soon, she will
    be working ON repeat guys." I would repeat if this were a 15 min 50 dollar
    deal or 20/75 -but its just not worth a c note.

    I asked her how old she was, pregnant pause, "25" I would say shes
    no more than 19 . I dont think that shes the same girl as the one posted
    on her CL ad. She looks like a much younger sibling/cousin maybe