Get Your Permission Slips Ready, We going on a field trip..

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Eye Won, Mar 13, 2001.

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  1. Whoop


    Must check this thing more often...

    Too bad I didn't check on Tuesday, would have loved to go. Hope there's a another chance-- or maybe I should try to go alone an' grease a few palms to stay inside. Can't be much more expensive than your average independent.

    Also, for anyone in the upper East side area, there's a great and courteous new service on Lexington listed in the VV as "Holly's". The number is (212) 481-9322. Very reasonable prices and incredibly nice girl on phone, and NO, I don't work there. Take advantage of 'em- they're just starting out and will only get more expensive.
  2. Tankcommander


    Yo Imp, I can't seem to reach you my IM..

    THe Mariah Carey crack is pretty funny though.
    Gonna send you an E-mail..
  3. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    What up Guys,
    First off Tank sorry for not calling you the other day, was havin a bad week......Well Im going to Episodes Tomorrow(Tuesday)...I know it's short notice but if you can swing it let me know and I'll mail you back the info.........