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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by jsp, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. City Slikker

    City Slikker

    Worse Than Being Busted

    I was in Detroit last week and a local news channel took a hidden camera to a "Meet and Greet" party held by a local discussion board. There, on local TV--only partially disguised, were escorts and their clients. The story told how they met online and arranged for sessions. Caused quite a stir!
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    Re: Right conclusion,wrong rationale


    A s-h-o-r-t explanation would have sufficed. Remember, you're no longer billing by the hour.
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    Lou Gossett's directions to Texas: go west until you smell sh*t (that's Oklahoma). Then turn left and keep going until you step in it; that's Texas.
  4. Waist Product

    Waist Product

    IS that the Disney version?

    Oklahoma aint nothing but steers and queers is how I remember it/.
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    That Video Vigilante

    is from Oklahoma. Remember that drill sargeant in "An Officer and A Gentleman."

    Lou Gosset, Jr.: "Where you from boy"

    Recruit: "Oklahoma, Sir!!"

    Lou Gosset, Jr. "Ain't nothin' in Oklahoma but strays and gays. Which one are you boy??? Are you stray or gay???"
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    Thanks cobra

    Thanks cobra,

    I was waiting for a real answer to my question. I didn't think about having a lawyers number in my pocket. That's a good idea.

    Just want to be safe.

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    Good Post

    Right on the money Cobra!
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    JSP - Straight Answer

    Jsp, I've read the threads to your request and I thinks they all missed the mark. (No pun intented) The lawyer who was disbarred? Must have been much more to his arrest then normal. Here is what usually happens, from someone who knows, LE will get a complaint, will do short survailance, make a couple calls to the place to estabilish routine, will send one to three undercover cops in, usually County plus a few fresh faces from local PD. (Mutal Aid another Town then where place is) IF they play by the book, they will each have cell phones, uniformed guys outside out of sight, when the lady makes the pitch - cash in exchange for sex he makes the call. Most ladies believe that HR is OK, they are nuts, its still illegal. Then the boys in blue come in, big bang, scare the shit out of everyone. they will take all equipment, i.e. cameras, videos records, computers that kind of stuff, usually not the tables, they will take the girls cell phones. NOW how about you the poor smuck with his pants down! First of all in N.J. the crime is either a local ord. violation, a petty disorderly or disorderly, NOT a crime of the 4th or 3rd degree, The manager is usually charged with that. LE will search you, unless your naked, and your clothes, they may even ask you if its OK to search your car - ANSWER _ NONO NO. They will cuff you and take to Hdqtrs for processing, photo/mug shot, prints arrest sheet, ASK and Demand to talk to a lawyer before you say anything!! Have a good local criminal lawyer's number in wallet. ALMOST EVERYONE wants to talk, don't believe anything they tell you i.e keeping name out of paper, dropping charges if you help, its all bullshit! Remember the most they got you on in Jersey is a Dis Ord, which is fine and most good lawyers can get it dropped to Local Ord. or dismissed, just don't talk, fight the urge. As for your wife, go home and tell her you where getting a legal massage and LE came in, bad back, knees whatevery, its best if you make some complaints about this prior, know what I mean. YOUR a victim! Usual fines if your arrested and convicted range from $.5 to $$$$$. Depending on the towns attitude. Some counties will print your name and home town, plus age, some don't. Leave wallet in car, they can search anything you have in your possesion. Finally, be strong, your not the target of the bust, the manager and girls are, its all just local politics. Be strong and don't talk and keep asking for a lawyer, if you don't have a record judge will usually let your go ROR or 10% of actual bail. Sometimes they will keep you in lock up all night you must get one call, call a friend who will call lawyer. Any lawyer worth his salt will have you out in Hours. Plan on spending about 2,500 on legal defense. Thats all she wrote boys and girls. AND when we say be careful just be aware of your surroundings when you go in or out, suspious vans, guys parked in cars, etc. Don't look for your usuall unmarked cars. Be safe!
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    Re: They are just knockers.

    Looks like she was fucked...more than once.:p
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    Juno Again

    Hey Slink, This shold be useful to you

    Activist Web Site Shuts Down After Excessive Harassment
    7-25-02 -- "Too Many Cops Are Just Simple Thugs" is the new headline on the OKC Citizens For Police Reform web site ( In the recent past, the site documented and editorialized on what the site administrator felt were examples of Oklahoma City police brutality and officers abusing their power.

    Today though, the site makes claims that the owner has received numerous threats and intimidation by individuals identifying themselves as Oklahoma City police officers. One letter reads, "I know you... and you're going to die a tragically accidental death for this."

    Though the site owner cannot verify the identity of the authors of the *****ed threats, he is taking them seriously and has decided it is not worth the risk to his family.

    I have *****ed him and recommended he file a complaint with the OCPD and the OSBI. With little effort they will be able to determine the origin of the *****s. If any originated from actual police officers, I am sure they can be prosecuted. Those that did not come from police officers but identified themselves as such are also subject to prosecution for impersonating a police officer.

    Though I personally did not agree with all of the sites tactics or comments, I did respect his right to voice his opinions. Taking a stand can be a lonely and dangerous thing. I however consider it a complement when I have attracted enough people that some feel they need to try and stop me in fear others may actually be listening.

    I have a lot to say today, and one of the things I have to say is, IF YOU PLAY WITH FIRE, YOU'LL GER BURNED. And if you play with fire, then you can say FUK YOUR FAMILY, because that is what WE WITH FAMILIES are doing. But hey, OH WELL. Whatever makes one happy!
  11. Juno Again

    Juno Again

    They are just knockers.

    People who try to shoot us hobbyists down are just mad. They are mad because they dont got that buck to get a bang, so they decide to say that we (HOBBYISTS AND PROVIDERS) are wrong. As long as I still put food on the table and pay the bills, Im doing a.ok.

    P.S. i was looking at that link and i noticed that a so called provider only got 10 days. 10 days aint nothing. They can't stop the game. they are crazy to even try. lol.

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    Look here. Some folks really don't like this hobby.
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    Do Johns ever get a summons for solicitation or does LE always go for the stings and raids to get more "bang for the buck"? Just wondering...Thanks!
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    What are you talking about???
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    Right conclusion,wrong rationale


    There were 20 civil suits and one criminal case,which were eventually all brought before the same District Ct judge. MY firm was substituted in one of the civil matters,1.5 years into the case(he was repped on crim side by a well known crim/1st amendment atty). During my initial file review,I discovered the conflict of interest by his other civil attys,who had been appointed by other defendants.. By that time, he had been convicted in crim case and had spent over $250k in legal fees to his other attys. The discovery of my firm resulted in his conviction being thrown out and ultimately the US Atty dropping the charges. Within 6 months,he was released out of all the civil matters. I think we billed him about $35k for 6 months of intensive work (the billable hours were 2x that much).
    The result allowed him to start anew. Best result I ever obtained from every perpsective.

    While the world is lucky that I'm a garmento and no longer an atty,it is not for the reasons you imply.
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    No offense, pswope, but let me get this straight. YOU took his last buck ... and put him in the poorhouse?

    And you call that a SAVE?

    As I said earlier, we have too many lawyers. Guess we should all be glad you're no longer plying your trade.
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    .It turned the tide for our client and saved what was left of his life(he was bankrupt from the legal fees).

    I was under the impression you just get a fine. I'm confused.
  18. pswope

    pswope One out of three


    At the risk of being flamed, the things I hate(d) most about the practice of law are the sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy. There is a pretense of hoiling to a higher degree of ethics,which in my experience is much more often than not,pure hooey.

    The case I adverted to invloved,at the time one of the largest bank fraud cases in history and implicated some real Mayflower types. They decided to make our client the Scapegoat and,simplistically speaking hot -wired his representation towrds that end. When brought to the attention of an ex-fed prosecutor Fed Judge,he ripped these patrician white shoe partners new ass-holes. It turned the tide for our client and saved what was left of his life(he was bankrupt from the legal fees).
    The hostility we encountered from the white shoe establishment was more than palpable.

    I much prefer to deal with garmentos. At least they acknowledge they're sleaze.
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    Re: Mixed Bag

    What about all that professional courtesy shit, or at least honor among thieves?
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    So when is your appointment with Marianne?