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  1. bigcecil


    50 minutes I could deal with. Its when you get closer to half the time you payed for that gets on my nerves. It seems like Dan's approach would only piss off the girl & make the whole thing more stressful. I just wish places wouldn't shortchange you so we wouldn't have to deal with feeling ripped off.

    See, I'm not much into all the fancy business when I go. I'm there for a really good massage (I spend a lot of time in the gym so I get pretty sore from time to time), finishing T is nice.

    AMP's are probably the best in general. Usually give close to an hour, and a decent rub. Even worse than cutting a rub short, is giving a crappy rub -- AND cutting it short. Either way, its an adventure I guess.
  2. yamaha


    what whould you say the girl only gave me a 30 min massage and the rest of the time she used for bbbjtc i was 15 min shy and i like to get my full hour. most of the time elm is right the door fee tells the time if you pay 50 don't expt the full hour. my exp door fee 150 is the full one hour and most of the time is 60 min + alittle more. even when i go to the big spas with the wife it's only 50 min massage.
  3. daengman


    Hey, Bigcecil

    I don't use AMPs much these days, but if it were me and I pay for an hour and then get rushed out well before that time, I would report their sorry asses to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs.
  4. vorhaut


    If I want a good R&T, I visit an AMP. They normally give me my full hour, they know their stuff.
    If I want more T than R, I'll go RMP, drop a bill on the dresser, get some kind of massage for 15 min and watch her strip. Some girls continue with a full body massage, others ask for the flip right away. I don't flip, I sit and pull her towards me. Kissing is generally not in the cards, but I get some extensive exploration before I lay her down for 10-15 min DATY, during which I'm in control...
  5. dan1999


    How to get full hour every time

    Full hour every single time!

    - Bring a watch (not your rolex!)
    When you are in the room before before you pay, ask them if they have time for a *full* hour. They will say always say yes or shake head yes. You point to your watch and say "i want a full hour, i mean 60 minutes".

    At this point they may say something like 50 minute hour.
    Upon hearing this...start to pick up your jacket and stuff and say that you only want a full hour. If they see you are going to leave, they will either let you go or tell you that you will get 60 minutes hour. The language barrier will come down because they undertand time and money very well.

    Works every time.

    PS...bring a watch with you and when they stop "ALL DONE"...walk over to it and check. If they are shorting you and you have 20 minutes to go or something, lie back down and ask for a foot massage or whatever. They will finish the time...sometimes i have done this little procedure twice...usually it is not needed.

    If in the rare event you have someone that will not finish the time. Then remind her you paid for a full hour so she can take her tip out of the full hour time you already gave. Only had to do that once.

    The key to making this work is taking control by negotiating the time (as described above) before money is paid.
  6. elmaster



    In my experience, the places with "cheaper" door fee will have this policy of "squeez'em and street'em" as soon as possible. So, in a way, you almost end up paying the same door fee per hour everywhere, because the places with the $50 or under door fee will try to get away with a 40 min session (when you paid "an hour") and the places that charge you $70 or $80 to get in will most likely give you the whole hour.

    I don't know if this is also a function of AMP versus RMP or what I stated above, but RMPs tend to do this less often, but again, RMPs charge a higher door fee.

    Another factor is the individual provider. If she believes in repeat customers and forming a relationship with the hobbyist, you'll probably get the hour from the get go. If she just wants as much money as possible with minimal effort, she'll gauge you the first time you're there, if you let her get away with a 30 min session when you paid an hour.

    I believe in standing up for yourself as a customer and all that, but in these kinds of places sometimes it's an uphill battle, more often than not, my approach is that I give them the benefit of the doubt, if they treat me right without me having to confront them, I will visit again, if they don't, I learn my lesson and move on. Either way, I post a review with my experience here on the board.

    Be safe,

  7. bigcecil


    This is a pet peeve of mine, and I seem to have bad luck with it. So I'm curious how you guys handle it.

    When I go for a massage, I almost always ask for the full hour. So far, I've only found one place that actually gives a full hour. Everywhere else seems to cut it off. Most places will give maybe 40 minutes. A few were only 30. I've had one or two where it was 20 minutes in & out.

    How do you guys get them to give the full hour you payed for? I mean, if I only wanted 30 minutes -- why would I pay for an hour? This type of thing makes me not return to places, but I'm wondering once you are there -- is there any way to avoid getting the rush job?

    I've tried a few things. Like when they tell me to turn, I say "so soon". Thats usually good for another 5 minutes, but then they insist on the flip. After the flip, your minutes are numbered.

    What do you all think? Or am I just dumb to continually hope that I'll get a full hour?