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  1. Angelo0nyk


    Sally Visited Sally last night
    Sally wearing a green bikini into the room We hugged and caught up as we undressed each other until we started to feel each other i like very much

    Into the shower room, a nice thorough cleaning and nuru massage with a nice full body licking and a sensual preview BBBJ. We did the listerine toast and came back into the room after she helped dry me off in the shower room.
    we started to feel each other up as we slowly kissed each other all over. She started to give me a nice BBBJ and I flipped her over for 69 to taste her sweet pussy. She was getting pretty
    She was very responsive and let out quite a few moans. She flipped over and started blowing me as we got into 69. Soon it was just her giving me a BBBJ before we put the cover on and I took her from behind in doggy style. We switched over to missionary and we then even reverse cowgirl before deciding that I really wanted to cum in her mouth. She too it like a champ and drained me completely.

    She gives me hot towel and cleaning me up. We headed to the shower room with time winding down and she gave me a nice and thorough standing shower
    She dried me off nicely and helped me get dressed in the room. A great quality girl.i'll be back
  2. hansolo52


    Really young as in 26, tallest of the bunch and IMO the most perfect body, not a mark on her tan toned legs belly ass.
    She was full of energy and adept at all the GFEA-stars menu. Deep wet rimming, DFK, BBBJ, FS, and I finished with a BBBJCIM during 69 as I enjoyed one of the smoothes tastiest wettest kitty in all my years of hobbying.
    Her best asset besides talent is her are pretty spot on.
  3. cky1977wchahaha


    Been here quite a few times before, almost tried everyone here and this time decided to have a repeat on Kelly.

    After Kelly slides the door open, she recognized me right away with a super warm hug. For some reason I think her english improved this time around and was more talkative and flirty. Her body shape and proportion was still amazing with perfectly sized super soft tits Shower room was occupied by someone else and I told Kelly I was not interested in standing shower before. During the few minutes wait Kelly didn't waste no time, wiped my bro and did a preview BBBJ right away. After 5 minutes, after shower room typical sliding and colgate, Kelly gave me an exceptional nuru sliding, another round of BBBJ and 69 for like 10 minutes or so.

    Back to the room, Kelly became more and more energetic with more sliding, more rigorous kissing, rimming deep, BBBJ and another 69. Kelly did a much better job than my first visit to her to be honest and I let her know right away. After putting on plastic, Kelly pretty much coped exceptionally well on top, doggie, and a few other positions I wanna try. Very enthusiastic and I managed to get her screaming good before I gave my big load into her mouth.

    After Kelly got all my load out, still a few minutes left and we just hug and did a little performance review. I think Kelly's sweetness and enthusiasm and professionalism will earn my next visit for sure. Kelly might not have the biggest tits, might not have the fastest tongue but in my opinion Kelly got the perfect package for every ingredient I am looking for as a provider.
  4. bollywood


    I must note that Vicky and Sally are most flexible and are able to assume erotic positions for penetration that many girls cannot attain.
  5. spectre19


    This is an overdue review for Vicky, Amie and Kelly. Facility is well kept and tidy. Amie aims to please the most and you can tell she sets the benchmark high. Vicky is good as she aims to please however found it to be very straight to the point but at least she doesn't have limitations and she goes with your lead. Kelly is super sweet and sensual. She puts in effort to give you that personal experience with enthusiasm. Amie conversation is actually pretty good so is Kelly's however Vicky doesn't speak that well. Overall awesome facility.
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  6. Spray04


    Saw Ella for the 6th time last week. My all time favorite at this place and I must say after seeing everyone else who worked there, Ella still has the prettiest face in my book. Squeezed her nice ass as soon as she walked in. Her small tight body continues to smoking hot to me; I can't be the only one who loves her body type because a smaller body means a smaller hole :).
    She does an amazing table shower, sliding all over, and gives nice preview bbbj and rim during the shower. Back in the room, her service has been upgraded as I hear she's gotten more training. She gives me the full rim session, and I ask her to lick longer and deeper, to which she obliges. And then while I'm on my four, she slides under me, takes my jr in her mouth, and I happily fuck her mouth for a while. For my first load, I always ask her to kneel before me so I can unload everything I've saved up into her while watching her suck me with her eyes looking up. One of the best feelings of my life.
    Alas, I was too spent that day and couldn't muster up a second load, so didn't get to one of my favorites, which is lifting her up and fucking her with her hanging onto me. She's just got to be one of those girls you want to pound as hard as you can when you see her, but I guess please don't hurt her :).
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  7. Sammsam


    I went to gfe on the weekend night visit Sally she cames into the room and greet me with passion and joy. The GFE experience is wonderful and I love every second of it. We kissed and hugged while undressing. Wrapped in towel, we went for TS.She gave me a thorough slide and cleaning on my back and my front.
    After drying ourselves and went back to the room, the real fun begin. Sally gave me a thorough lick/kiss on my backside from my head to toe. The feeling is so great. And then, she gave me the best RIM session I ever experienced. She really knows how to use her tongue for RIM and she is pushing into my backdoor with it while massaging my balls. I then turned over, and she began to gave me the best BBBJ I ever felt. Her BBBJ skill is truly above and beyond your regular standard. The deep throat session and the mixture of sucking and licking, almost made my Jr explode. I used 100% of my willpower to not cum on the spot.

    She put condom on my Jr and we started the main course. We start with her on top then move to doggy. She She moaned with her loudness Keep twisting the body We had plenty of fun and I keep pounding her till I collapsed and released 1 hour soon finished, dressed Hold her and say that I'll be back soon
  8. vpupkintest1


    Just had a session with JoJo. She is a tall girl, maybe 5'9", very nice natural boobs, not too big, but not small, firm and round. Her English is pretty good and she can hold a conversation.
    We started with TS, which was pretty good with sliding and some tickling. On the flip she gave me preview BBBJ and she is pretty great at it. You could see she likes it and she can take it deep too, I am pretty big and she took it almost all in, she is right there at Sally level.

    After shower we went to the room where she gave me "boob massage"/catbath which eventually morphed into rimming. Her run skills are ok, she is not Ami, but might get there with time and guidance. After rimming she dove under me to do more sucking which she as excellent. I flipped her for 69 which we both enjoyed a lot and after some time I could not hold myself and CIM.
    We played a bit kissing and touching each other after which we went for round 2 with you guessed it, more BBBJ. She has a nice curvy body, so it's enjoyable to see her blow you from the side with boobs and round butt and all.

    Anyway, after some of that the rubber goes on and we do some mish, she is pretty tight by the way. Since I already popped it was hard to do the second time, so she blew me a bit more. I couldn't pop second time, but still had fun.
    Then to the shower, some lfk, dfk and I am done.
    Overall nice girl, I might visit again.
  9. tonyspitzer


    Sally vs Amie
    the Ultimate BBBJ matchup at gfeallstars
    I have experienced both ladies.
    In the DT ...(and Im 7+) Sally wins by a small margin for extreme depth and I think I went past her tonsils, was only stopped from going deeper by my balls.
    Technique-Amie wins , for technique and innovative tongue work.

    Recently had a BBJTCCIMNQ by Vicky.
    The results arent in yet because her techique was so intense I blacked out after CIM.

    I will need to do a threesome to really get a good competition going, if my equipment holds up.
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  10. Jlevy2002


    howdy howdy howdy.

    back again. unexpectedly.

    i was out late with some friends enjoying many drinks, followed by some edibles.

    hammered and horney ...... i find my way to SALLY.

    hands down, she's got the best deepthroat on the market presently, not to mention rj. i was in the mood for it.

    session started with a standing shower that included preview DT. fun.

    they only have one TS here - it's often busy :( - but not a deal breaker.

    hand over the donation. session starts.

    sally tongue fucks my entire body. from my ear all the way down.

    her rim is intense. i was on all fours in heaven. wow. it went on and on and on and on - deep, wet, sloppy - with nonstop reach around action.

    i flip over.

    she starts a nice bbbj - which leads to her inviting me to physically push my cock as far down her throat as possible.

    i am not one to turn down an invitation.

    it felt great. i start to pump faster into her throat. she loses the rhythm a little, i find myself holding her head with both hands and basically jack hammer DEEP fucking her throat.

    it continued for a solid ten minutes. she never gagged. professional. it was incredible.

    i busted a load of nut butter in her throat. i couldn't resist.

    i wish i had it on video. i was exhausted.

    after a bit of a message, she hinted at round two - but i was spent this night.

    she continued with a fairly good message until our time was up.

    i do feel a little guilty about the facial abuse i caused, but at the same time - it was a dream come true.
  11. goarmy


    Sally certainly enjoys herself and is outwardly very friendly and aims to please. That gets top points in my score.
  12. Devidzzz


    I think Sally is the best, whether it is service, body or face are
  13. Jlevy2002


    howdy howdy howdy.... me again.

    this was my last stop in a three spa crawl tuesday night. you can check out my other posts in PH and A&K for the first two stops.

    i decided to round the night out with vicky after a handful of earlier pops. wanted to mke sure to end the night on a high note ... and booked vicky for that high note....

    vicky vicky vicky....

    i haven't seen vicky in a long time - i will say the industry has aged her. she needs a few months off from eating ass and downing cock. i digress.

    i show up - vicky greets me with some forceful dfk. i'm not a dfk guy. i try to fend it off - but that long tongue is coming at me fiercely.

    we both get naked quick. vicky's got some big bolt ons. nice to squeeze. fun fun.

    i quickly shower off in the room. standing. she does a thorough wash of me. i'm happy to skip the TS, as i just had two :)

    we dry off, i hand her my donation and we're off to the races.

    i lay down for vickys signature rim. sloppy wet and very deep. it went on for a solid amount of time.

    she slides under me and gives me her face. i fuck it. i pound my dick against the back of her throat. no teeth. all professional. she takes her throat pounding like a champ.

    i flip over for some more rim and a solid bbbj. she lets you slam fuck her mouth with your dick, but won't let it pop into her throat. i was hoping to throat fuck her .... maybe next time.

    on goes the bag, she's on top. nice big melons to play with.... i switch to k9, mish, rip off the condom, push her to her knees, grab her head, slam fuck it until i blast a load in her mouth. my fifth pop of the night .... i'm beat.

    we chill for a bit and vicky starts teasing my member. before i know it, it's engulfed in her mouth and we're back at it.

    being this would be my sixth pop of the night, my dick is hard (thank you god), but there's no way i'm gonna pop this now numb dick off.

    after lots of sucky sucky, we toss on a cover. i slam fuck her in tons of positions. her on top, k9, mish, standing mish, rcg, sideways, back to mish, pound pound pound.

    i wave the white flag. i can't pop.

    vicky, to her credit rips off my condom, pushes me into the bed and relentlessly sucks my dick. jerking, spitting, tongue lashing, on and on and on.

    i said no more several times - she kept going. even if i could cum at this point, i'd probably shoot a blank.

    i've hit my limit. five pops was it for me. the sixth ain't happening.

    i stop the scene. we shower. i thank her.

    i walk out, now completely exhausted.

    i head over to a nearby favorite japanese restaurant at midnight and eat ferousously. i'm still completely hammered, now completely drained, ready to sleep.....

    i'd recommend vicky as she's fun with energetic performance, but looks-wise, she's fading. there's sexier providers.

    something to consider.
  14. Anonywoman


    Vicky in a sexy outfit

    Came to see my ATF a couple days ago. The day was slow and the girls looked bored so I was happy to be there.

    So there's a pic online of Vicky that I really like. She has this fishnet stocking with the crotch open. So I did what any gentleman would do..... Went on ebay and paid 11 bucks to purchase a similar full body suit fishnet stocking.

    I presented vicky this outfit and she giggle like a schoolgirl. While she giggled I put my hand in the back of her neck, gave her a DFK and proceeded to push her head towards junior. Very nice bbbj preview. We showered together in the room to not waste time. Typical ball sucking and ass licking during the stand up shower. I had her suck my balls harder and harder to see if it would hurt, I know I'm weird, but it felt amazing.

    Had her put on the fishnet, I wanted to fuck her with it on but there weren't any holes. So I tried using my cock to make the hole... ouch. After being able to think straight I used fingers to make a gap for my cock in the fishnet. Vicky then rode my cock like a champ as those beautiful solid tits stayed in place.

    I still can't tell if her tits are real. I always lean towards yes.

    Anyway, I pull off the condom and cum on her tits and slap my cock on her face so she can lick off my cum. I can't emphasize this enough, slapping these girls with my cock it my ATF thing to do. Especially with Vicky she makes this "cum on me face" when I slap her hard. I love when she winches.

    The outfit was ruined at this point :-(. I popped again in her mouth after a soft touch massage. And oh yeah, slapped her face with my cock again while pinching those cute nipples.

    Total damage 260 + 40tip + 11 fishnet + happiness
  15. Anonywoman


    Is Ayumi face prettier than Sally or Vicky?

  16. Anonywoman


    Yes she does. I hated it at first. But it's fun to tickle during daty.

  17. lenb66


    Saw Ayumi and she's definitely on the shy side, but very responsive if you take control. Standard services for this place, TS, BBBJ, Rimming, DFK and CIM. I had to let her know what I liked and she was more than happy to oblige. Sweet girl with a nice body, pics are accurate. Give her a little guidance and you'll leave happy, I sure did.
  18. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    Make me want some sort of review. DoesVicky have a tattoo on her stomach?

  19. spaninja


    GFE ALLSTARS review of VICKY

    Holymama of all $%@!!! Vicky. Supergirl. She has amazing talents. In a special area. That I normally havent had success at but this china doll wonderwoman worked her magic tongue and amazed me. Her tongue is incredible, ask her to show you, she could lick her own nose. She is a superfreak China BABE.
    First a standing shower in the room , theres a shower/tub IN the room. After a soaping and rinse she kneels down and deep throats me, the hot water spraying on us.
    Then she has me bend over and rimms me deep, my foot up on the rim of the tub for better access.
    All the time, while I am immensely enjoying this, Im readying myself to go FS and doggie on this lovely girl.
    She IS a sex a good way. And I almost never cum from BJ or bbbj. But thats about to change.
    After a dry off, Im on the table and she basically gobbles me up every which way she can...tongue in my ass balls legs, cock, ears neck...after 20minutes of this Im ready for the cover and FS.
    But then she kneels down and starts a SLOW cock worshipping BJ...wet and slow and teasing with that amazing tongue organ of hers.
    It has a will of its own.
    Soon she is picking up the pace, and now I am getting all kinds of new feelings...cock energising feelings with her mouth and tongue and throat and 2 hands...stroking and sucking and licking...faster and faster...NO TEETH just a warm welcoming suction the likes I have never experienced. And I can feel the distant rumble and thunderCUM Tsunami approaching and I think...YES IM GONNA CUM BBBJ TODAY......and she goes faster faster like some CHINA SEXBOT with UNLIMITED ENERGY...SHE DOES NOT SLOW OR SHOW ANY SIGN of getting tired ...she is relentless...all the while shes making cooing sexy cum noises too...annnnd Immm cummming....a long big load and VICKY keeps going....takes it ALL IN deep.
    Finally I fall back and she slides my wet cummy cock out of her mouth and shes SMILING...and emptys my load into a paper towel. She says "a lot!" and she seems so PROUD of her skills.

    Planning my repeat once I recover.
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  20. Erikw11355


    I visit Sally tonight
    Into the room we hugged and kissed and talked nonstop until we got to the tableshower. Sally took off her clothes and after soaping me up and rinsing, she got out some Nuru gel and put it on her and me and started sliding all over me in an incredibly sensual way, getting me really turned on. Sally is maybe 5'5", a good C cup, very sexy body with a great smile. One of the things that I like about her is that she both loves pleasing and likes to accept pleasure. It is really like a girlfriend experience. She had me flip, and repeated the process, rubbing herself against me until I didn't think I could take it any more.
    Into the room and the DFK and groping was amazing, and I kissed my way down and licked her breasts and sucked on her nips and kissed my way down to her puss and began some gentle DATY, moving and changing things up in response to her moans of pleasure
    I asked for a cover, and she put it on and hopped on top and we began intense lovemaking, and she felt even better than I remembered. I asked to switch to K9, and this was even better. I didn't want to pop yet, so asked to switch again, and went into mish. Her tits looked so nice swaying back and forth in the rhythm of our movements. When I just couldn't take it any more I pulled out and took of the cover and she quickly came over and finished me off in her mouth, not stopping until I had to actually gently push her away. She gave me a big smile, and we cuddled for a while before she took me back to the shower for a nice cleaning, and then back to the room where she massaged me until I saw we had gone over time, and got dressed Walking in the street, my mind kept thinking about herI can't wait to go back.