Gina's "friend" Alexis 929-286-2862

Discussion in 'New York' started by thezoos, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. thebitmaster


    FYI. Everything about Alexis is tru except that she is not 25. She is probably around 40. Do not let that change your mind.
    I have been laying low for the past few months, but when I was active, Gina was the hottest PSE action I knew and a fabulous person to boot.
    I met Alexis there and she is a sexy thin and tall lady and every bit as kinky as the reviewer states.
    Worth getting to know them.
    She is a bit tall for me but one day I will get a double with them.
  2. thezoos


    Exactly wiggs.
  3. Mr. Wiggley

    Mr. Wiggley

    I get that at 400 that's 4 pops with 4 different girls. Guess choice is between variety and ├╝ber quality?
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  4. thezoos


    Yeah. I keep telling myself that when I want to see one of the decent 100hh girls on the island, I should just jar the money and when I get 4 or 5 go see Gina or this new girl. Considering you get 2 pops minimum it's really only double the price for a literal PSE. Then I give in and see the killer Dees because convenience :/
  5. sculptor69


    You can't go wrong with Gina or one of her friends - Awesome experience!
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  6. Lovesthehunt


    Ok. Don't know the city at all. Seams like it would be worth it though to me anyway.
  7. thezoos


    In the 70s near Bway. Same place Gina uses, if you know the spot. 2 floors, or a floor and a half.

    Best way to get hold of her is to call Gina as she acts as a go between for a couple other girls and Alexis is one of them.
  8. Lovesthehunt


    Where was this? Holy shit I wanna try lol. Fisting has always been on my bucket list. Great review an thanks for sharing.
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  9. thezoos



    First listing on the page. That's her in the pix.

    I was in the city after a good weekend in A.C. so I got hold of Gina figuring maybe she would have an opening (wakka wakka) . She didn't but said she has a friend who is every bit as gfe as she is.

    I have a decent relationship with Gina (I see her maybe twice a year for some years and use her as a reference) so I took her suggestion.

    Good move.

    She's maybe 25, tall.. maybe 5-9. Perky boobs large b or small c. Basically what you see in the pix is what you get. Rendezvous was at gina's own sex den.

    So the service.

    When I say this girl makes Gina look like a prude, im not fking kidding.

    After initial getting to know you (dfk, shower, undressing each other) the kink show begins, and doesn't end for a good 75 min.

    I am not a top fetish but as a switch and a pleaser I can get turned on by giving what she wants and this girl cannot get enough... fingering turned to anal fingering turned to anal fisting turned to fisting both holes at once to which she says " i wish i had more holes". As she DT she guides my hands to her head to push her down on my dick til she gags. Spank, spank harder. You name it it turns her on.

    Did bbj and every hole in every position imaginable. Twice. All the time talking about life, the universe and everything interspersed with dirty fucktalk. Either we hit it off for real, or she's a good faker. Mentioned offhand that she would like to go drinking one night... and that should gina show up in the middle of the session (could happen, she lives there) she would join in for free (!! I would probably die but I'd die happy).

    Maybe she says it everyone who knows. It was believable at the time at least and I haven't been in the city since to try out her offer of drinks.

    Ended up being 400 for the hour which is 100 less than gina's PSE ... money never discussed and she made it a point not to acknowledge it when i put it down at the end. Thats 100 less than her listed price so maybe GR was doing me a solid because i was calling for her and got someone else.

    Body 9
    Face 10
    Service 9 or 10 depending on your level of kink.

    Multi pops (she was down for a third but that wasn't gonna happen)
    Did not try golden shower as it's not my thing... I do it with GR because she asks for it.

    100% would go back if that wasn't obvious.
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