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  1. pilon


    I think Ginza is Korean not Thai. Girls are tanned with nice tight bod. I think there was a Coco, her service ain't bad at all.
  2. whiteguyny


    They must be raising their prices or getting greedy. I usually only offer $ or .8, after the house fee. Tell them you losed all your money. They want to make money so they usually take what they can. I am going next week, will report when I get back.
  3. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    I think this is the place here :

    Ginza Massage 117 S Tennessee Ave Atlantic City, NJ
  4. Irishguy10


    Where exactly is Ginza???
  5. swiggy


    Went with a friend on sat. was brought to the room paid the mamasan .6 was hooked up with a girl named "Cooky". said she was thai , she was a 7 - 7.5 kinda cute , nice skin color ( looked like a perfect tan), small b-cups , nice little booty. she wasn't petite but solid . didnt ask her age but probably 24-28. good english . asked for $$ for fs i just smiled and said no. then asked what i would pay i said $. asked for 1.5 said no again then asked for 1.2. i said yes, but i could have got her down to $. i dont like to haggle too much. was an average session, she was kind of mechanical , much more accomodating before the money changed hands.wasn't bad , wasn't great . i would go back.
    my friend was with a girl named Mint, a little thick with big cans and a really cute face , maybe 5'6". he only got hr but said he was in love when he got out. also saw an older one with a little gut that should have been covered but for some strange reason wasn't. i would definitely go back.